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In advance of the 2014 Metal Blade release of the latest full-length by Poland’s Vesania, our writer Andy Synn concluded his review of the album with these words:

“As darkly dramatic as it is devastating, Deus Ex Machina, if pushed hard enough and marketed right, could be a real game-changer for Vesania. It demonstrates their songwriting, and their skills, at their absolute sharpest, and takes their sound and vision to the next level.”

Today we are privileged to bring you the debut of a video for a song from Deus Ex Machina named “Notion”, a track Andy characterized as “half blackened blitzkrieg, half glorious symphonic majesty,” a song that “for all its orchestral excess and metallic thunder, takes time to reveal its secrets, telling a story through sound and verse, shape and colour, which unfolds naturally and organically as the song progresses”.




The engrossing video tells a story as well — a flickering, disorienting, hallucinatory one, a tale of caution and warning with an ending which suggests the warnings come too late.

But you may place your own interpretation on what you see — if you search for the lyrics to “Notion” (which are very good), they may (or may not) be of assistance.

Fascinating music, fascinating imagery — hope you enjoy this as much as we have.



  1. This band really hits me in the right place everytime i hear them. Deus Ex Machina took me a litttle while to get into but once it caught, those hooks sunk deep. Outstanding video. Great artistic expression.

  2. the new sound of darkness.once your into it,you wont get out.

  3. What a delightfully disturbing video. And the music’ great too.
    I’ve missed on on too much of this band, unfortunately.

  4. Great song, and great video. I really should revisit this album sometime soon.

  5. No thanks, certainly nothing profound in this and it has elements of everything massively overproduced at the moment…. Just sayin

    • Ah well. If you’d actually bothered to listen to the album this is from you’d have found it’s actually FAR from “overproduced” and has a nicely deep and organic sound, despite the general creepy theatricality of the band.

      Just sayin…

    • A plethora of peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that there are two kinds of people with opinions about this album: people who think it’s great and people who are wrong.

  6. This is epic. An amazing video that has obviously been thought out, and which carries alot of inclusions of previous CD’s. This just speaks volumes of the talent behind Vesania. Well done, I thoughly enjoy this.

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