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(At this time of year, I remember the importance of displaying fealty to the Gore-Stained Axe-Tribe from Hirntodia, and so once again I have invited A Band of Orcs to share with the filthy human readers if our site their ideas about the year’s best albums. I am pathetically grateful to Cretos Filthgrinder, provider of lead and crunchy guitars and utterer of gutturals and growls, for accepting our invitation to share with us his year-end list. HAIL GZOROTH!)



Marduk – Frontschwein

This album is the best of 2015 to show beauty (only next to Cretos sexiest Orc) through Orcdor! By Orcdor I Cretos mean battle file and making lines to attack the enemy. Frontschwein captures all enemies slow or fast. Cretos fascinated with themes of war, and Frontschwein does very good since the last war efforts of Marduk’s Iron Dawn EP. HAIL MARDUK!






Gruesome-Savage Land

Gruesome – Savage Land

New DEATH album is very good! Gruesome lays it on thick with everything. Death Metal in primal brutal lyrics and guttural vocals kill everything around when you listen to Gruesome. Straight from the blueprints of Chuck Schuldiner’s writing style, with some Orctacular guitar wizardry. The solo’s on this album are the BEST SOLO’s of 2015, and I Cretos can’t stop listening to these 8 songs. Rumor is there will be another offering in 2016, and I Cretos make it to the front of the line to get new CD.





Hate Eternal-Infernus

Hate Eternal – Infernus

Erik Rutan always get his name in Cretos’s list. Last Hate Eternal album set the bar really high in Cretos’s standards. I Cretos have a hard time at first listening to Infernus, because I think Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is the best Hate Eternal, and one of the best of Erik Rutan’s offerings. This is a very good album and it has grown on Cretos in many ways. There is a element of groove not offered in the last album I Cretos hold so high. The Filthgrinder is never disappointed with Hate Eternal, and they have upheld their sworn allegiance to make brutal Death Metal!






Ghost – Meliora

I know what you are thinking after reading the above mentions, “How could Cretos like a masked band?”. Well too bad humanz because you will never know who Ghost really is. If you have even the smallest appetite for their music, given a listen you should know how well they did with Meliora. I Cretos consistently have missed seeing Ghost “live” due to A Band of Orcs’ concert dates conflicting, so maybe we go on tour together. I Cretos wonder what the next offering of Ghost will be?






Motorhead-Bad Magic

Motörhead – Bad Magic

There is no god, only Lemmy. I Cretos am a longtime Motörhead fan, and you humanz would not have any of what you do in music without Lemmy Kilmister! Even a Orc knows how important Lemmy is to humanz rock music. There isn’t a bad Motörhead album out there. I Cretos am glad to see Motörhead “live”, and buy their new album. The Filthgrinder owns more Motörhead albums than any other musical artist (22 of ’em). If you are reading this and haven’t given Motörhead a spin, you should start; and never stop or I Cretos Filthgrinder will hunt you down and make you listen.


  1. All solid choices, though I admit I haven’t really run through that Motorhead album much.

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