Dec 312015

Motorhead-Bad Magic


I was going to add these songs to our Most Infectious list eventually, but it seemed like posting them this week, on the last day of the old year, was the right thing to do — especially the first song.

This list is supposed to be devoted to infectious extreme metal songs, and the first two below don’t really fit that description. But just about every year I’ve bent the rules a few times, and today is one of those. To see the other songs on the list so far, use this link.


With Lemmy’s death this week, Motörhead has perished as a band as well. But obviously the music will never die. Though the band couldn’t have known for sure that Bad Magic would be their last studio album, they went out strong.

Precious few bands last as long as Motörhead did, and even fewer have managed to record good music on such a consistent basis for so many years. “Thunder & Lightning” is a fine addition to the Motörhead canon, and a fine addition to this evolving list.



What do you want from your miserable life
What do you see in a future so bright?
Get what you want
Do what you can
You’ll get no pussy if you’re in a band

I always wanted the scream in the night
I always wanted the noise and the light

Standing on stage, the thrill never fades
The ultimate rage, raping and fighting
Maybe you’ll shake, maybe you’ll break
You’ll never escape thunder and lightning

Life on the road isn’t easy, my friend
You can remember, you can pretend
All of your dreams can really come true
All of your nightmares are waiting there, too

I always wanted the dangerous life
I always wanted the emerald delight

Standing on the stage, promises made
Under the blade, kicking and biting
Maybe you’ll die, maybe you’ll fly
Fire in the sky, thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning

What do you think’s gonna be your reward
Sixty-year rockstar, a kick in the balls
Tires of wishing, you don’t get it back
Move out and pull out and always attack

I never wanted to meet no heroes
I spent my whole life waiting myself

I’m on the stage, out of the cage
Shouting out rage, slippin’ and slidin’
Maybe you’ll shiver, maybe you’ll quiver
Quick on the trigger, thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning




Mammoth Mammoth Vol IV


I’ve been a fan of this Australian band since discovering their 2012 album Volume III: Hell’s Likely. Their latest album, 2015’s Volume IV: Hammered Again is home to the next song I’m adding to this list. I confess that I’m including it here in order to stay in some of that Motörhead spirit.

The song is “Looking’ Down the Barrel” and it was accompanied earlier this year by a video that paid tribute to Penelope Spheeris’ The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years, which memorably featured W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes being interviewed while guzzling vodka and floating in a pool as his mother looked on.

As for the song, well, it’s a Mammoth Mammoth song — which means it rocks the fuck out and it’s catchier than chlamydia.






Knives-The Blackest Noose


Because I enjoy adding relatively unknown bands to this list along with the names that will never die, I decided to include this song by Knives. Of course, it’s also infectious as hell… and it rocks the fuck out too.

Knives hail from the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country of Spain, and they self-released “The Blackest Noose” as a stand-alone single in mid-August. I’ve gone back to the song a lot since I first heard it, because it pushes lots of my buttons. Among other things, it’s got that distinctive chainsaw guitar tone from old school Swedish death metal that I love so much and a bit of the same ghoulish atmosphere as well, along with raw, braying vocals. It fires me up every damned time I hear it.

Enjoy some crusting rock ‘n’ death….


  1. Lemmy definitely went out on a high note. RIP.

  2. Lemmy’s dead!? A true legend has come and gone.

  3. Listening to Bad Magic as I type this. Awesome album!! RIP Lemmy!

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