Jan 142016

Latitudes-Old Sunlight


As last year gasped its final breaths we had the pleasure of premiering an amazing song called “Body Within A Body” from Old Sunlight, the new album by the UK’s Latitudes, which will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on January 22. Today we bring you another track from the album, this one named “Altarpieces“.

When I introduced the last premiere, I seem to have simply fountained forth a series of mental images that sprang to mind as I heard the song. It’s hard not to do that in listening to this music. It fires the imagination in a way that makes conventional descriptions of styles and sounds too mundane. “Altarpieces” produces the same effect.


Latitudes 2016


The song pulses with energy and exuberance, a fusion of rapidly jabbing riffs, booming rhythms, and streamers of seductive melody. Thrumming bass notes and somersaulting drums vie for attention with swarms of insectile guitar notes and beautiful guitar arpeggios. The music’s exuberance ebbs briefly in the track’s back half, becoming playful and light, but then the song surges forward again, bursting repeatedly like a fireworks display in a clear night sky as the entrancing central melody continues to work its significant charms like a spell.

This is solely an instrumental track, and one that’s intricate and ever-changing, like a kaleidoscope made into sound. Yet for all its progressive complexity, it’s powerful and powerfully seductive — an adrenaline-filled ride that seems to end way too soon despite its above-average length. If you’re like me, your first impulse after the song ends will be to push the play button again.


To pre-order what promises to be an amazing album, use these links:

Digipack and 12″LP:


Digital version :



Enjoy “Altarpieces” below.




  1. Another awesome song. This album is certainly shaping up to be an early highlight.

  2. I didn’t think that they could possibly top Individuation, but this is going to blow Individuation out of the water

    how do these guys do it

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