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Unless I’ve forgotten something, which is always a distinct possibility, this will be the final installment of the LISTMANIA 2015 series that we began back in December. Tomorrow I’ll prepare a wrap-up with links to all of the many lists we posted this season. If there was anything worth a shit that was released last year, I’m betting you will find it somewhere among those lists.

This year I made an exception to my usual practice about posting lists from other web sites or blogs. In past years, I only re-published lists from cross-genre “big platform” sites, in part for the fun of seeing what people who don’t eat, sleep, and breathe metal are being told is “the best metal” of the year. There are many other excellent metal sites and blogs out there that lurk in the narrower crevices of the interhole like we do. If I started trying to re-post all of their year-end lists, it would be hard to find a stopping point.

But here on this final day of LISTMANIA 2015 I decided to make a couple of exceptions — by posting a year-end list from Brutalitopia (because I’ve gotten personally shit-faced with those guys at a metal festival and they were nice enough not to post any pics) and now by posting a year-end list from AngryMetalGuy.com (because both our site and theirs burst forth from foul wombs in the same year and somehow we have both managed to survive and prosper since 2009).

Also, I’ve found that the people behind these blogs whom I know seem to be genuinely nice, good-hearted men and women, despite certain congenital deficiencies which lead them to have views about metal releases that don’t always strictly align with my own.

The following list from AMG is a “consensus list” of the writers at the site, in the sense that the albums on each writer’s individual list were given numerical scores, and the point totals for each release were then tallied, producing this “meta-list”. To read the explanations and mini-reviews accompanying the following albums, go straight to the source.


Tau CRoss cover

#(ish): Tau Cross – Tau Cross




#10: Enshine – Singularity




#8 (a tie): Suplhur Æon – Gateway To the Antisphere




#8 (tie): Horrendous – Anareta



The Gentle Storm - The Diary

#7: The Gentle Storm – The Diary



The Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline Whispers

#4 (a tie): The Night Flight Orchestra – Skyline Whispers




Nechochwen-Heart of Akamon

#4 (tie): Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon



VHOL-Deeper Than Sky

#3: VHÖL – Deeper Than Sky



Trials-This Ruined World

#2: Trials – This Ruined World



Wilderun - Sleep At the Edge of the Earth

#1: Wilderun – Sleep At the Edge of the Earth


  1. I seriously question any *list* that doesn’t include Cattle Decapitation. List invalid!!!!

  2. That Trials record is delicious. How did NCS never get a review in for that one? Band just broke up, btw.

  3. Really got to make some time for that Wilderun.

  4. The two best metal blogs on the Web converge at last. Great AMG banner by the way, it’s hilarious.

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