Jan 172016

Thy Darkened Shade


2014’s Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet was my introduction to the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade, and that album, which was one of the year’s best, made me an immediate fan. Within the last hour, Thy Darkened Shade has released an excerpt from a new song for streaming on Soundcloud, and I decided not to wait to include it in our next new-music round-up tomorrow.

The name of the song hasn’t been disclosed, and the release on which it will appear is equally mysterious. Once details have been publicly divulged, I’m sure we’ll help spread the word. For now, the song sample was accompanied only by this message, which hints at the participation of others in this forthcoming release:


Thy Darkened Shade-new music


Into the alogos of the Qliphoth we are reborn in forms unbeknownst to human.
We are receiving the sacrosanct treasures of the profound shadow Self.
It is the will of the Devil to bring creation back to the everlasting primeval darkness.
We seek to go deeper into the abyssal bliss of the great void and never to return.
The astral travel into the tunnels is an endeavor that coalesces what is already united with the bonds of Luciferian blood.

A collective reflection of the other side by respected adepts of the path will be unleashed into the impure cosmos soon.

Until then, this is the sample of what is about to come from Thy Darkened Shade.
Triumph for the Azoth Self!


As you will soon discover, the music is pure flaming chaos, an explosion of writhing, swarming riffs that radiate arcane energies, accompanied by barbarous vocal proclamations. The composition is intricate, with bounding bass notes and somersaulting drum patterns that are as exuberant and kaleidoscopic as the eye-popping guitar performances. When the pace slows near the end of this excerpt, the music becomes almost dreamlike.

Even though this is only a sample of music from a longer song, it’s a striking piece of music and one that certainly kindles the appetite for more. Listen below…



  1. This kicks ass!! Looking forward to the new stuff!

  2. Wow, this track is certainly much more melodic and high energy/intensity than I imagined. Really loving the direction though, especially since it still retains a touch of the occult.

  3. Confirmed Thy Darkened Shade releases (as far as I know at least) that are expected are two splits. One with Chaos Invocation and a 4-way split with Abigor, Mortuus and Nightbringer. Considering that Abigor have recently unveiled an excerpt of a new song, maybe we have a hint? One way or the other, this track is magnificent.

  4. The music is pure flaming chaos, yes indeed!

  5. This is going to be a total masterpiece for sure!

  6. It must be that 4-way split they announced before, sounds amazing.

  7. This is amazing. I was JUST listening to Liber Lvcifer last week and marveling at its endless riffs.
    Truly a great band.

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