Jan 202016

Urgehal-Aeons In Sodom


The Norwegian black metal institution Urgehal came into existence in the early ’90s, formed by vocalist/guitarist Trondr Nefas and guitarist Enzifer. Beginning in 1997 Urgehal released six full-length albums as well as assorted shorter releases and compilations. But in May 2012, Trondr Nefas passed away at the age of 34. To honor his memory, Urgehal have prepared one final, remarkable album — Aeons In Sodom.

This new work assembles Trondr Nefas’ final material — a collection of 12 songs that include his performances as lead guitarist and soloist, with Enzifer on rhythm guitar and bass and Uruz on drums. In place of Nefas‘ now-missing voice, the band enlisted vocal contributions from an array of notable Scandinavian artists, including Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest), Nag (Tsjuder), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Hoest (Taake), and Mannevond (Koldbrann).

We are honored to bring you today the premiere of the new album’s first advance track, a song called “The Iron Children” — which features the unique vocals of Nocturne Culto.




“The Iron Children” is a dynamic song, and a well-named one: It rumbles and rocks like a heavy, lumbering iron beast — and then begins to race and ravage, with Nocturne Culto’s savage howl rising like the sound of an enraged beast on the verge of a kill. The ripping black/thrash riffs are supercharged with energy, but the energy dissipates as the song shifts gears into an ominous stomp, the pace dropping to prepare the way for Nefas to deliver and spiraling, diving guitar solo. It’s a thoroughly riveting song from start to finish, and a great way to begin laying the groundwork for this release.


photo by Jorn Veberg


We have no doubt that Aeons In Sodom will be one of 2016’s true musical highlights.  It will be released on February 12, 2016, by Season of Mist and can be pre-ordered HERE.

The complete list of guest vocalists is as follows:

Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone)
Hoest (Taake)
Mannevond (Koldbrann)
Niklas Kvarforth (Shining)
Sorath Northgrove (Beastcraft)
Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest, Nattefrost)
Nag (Tsjuder)
Bay (Sadistic Intent)
R.M (Angst Skvadron)

And this is the track list:

1. Dødsrite
2. The Iron Children
3. Blood of the Legion
4. The Sulphour Black Haze
5. Lord of Horns
6. Norwegian Blood and Crystal Lakes
7. Thy Daemon Incarnate
8. Endetid
9. Psychedelic Evil
10. Woe
11. Funeral Rites
12. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay



  1. Definitely an album to look forward to. It’s a shame I find out about this band right at its swansong.

  2. Flawless.

  3. Ah, I am going to miss these guys.

    While I’m here… how’s that “Ikonoklast” vinyl sounding?

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