Feb 012016

Witch of the Waste video


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a video from Vancouver, BC’s Witch of the Waste.)

After covering the latest Witch Of The Waste here at NCS last year, and then also placing it on my year-end list, I’d hope most of our audience is already aware of these brilliant Canadian noisemongerers by now. But if you aren’t, we are exclusively premiering a video for the closing song off last year’s fantastic EP, Made Of Teeth. So if you missed both of my prior posts about these guys, now is the time to tune in and turn it up loud.

To briefly summarize my initial assessment of Made Of Teeth, I’ll quote from my 2015 write-up on it here at NCS: “Like a modern spin on  the chaotic metallic hardcore wave of old, Witch Of The Waste come across similar to phenomenal acts such as Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger, As The Sun Sets, and Ed Gein. Neither completely a metal or hardcore record, Made of Teeth straddles the line in a spazzy way that’s always interesting and unique. In addition Made Out Of Teeth also injects some grim and smashing black metal elements into their brand of sonic life-ending napalm.”


Witch of the Waste-Made of Teeth


As for the video we are premiering today, it comes from Made of Teeth’s closing track, and is called “I Bet You’re Wondering What I’m Doing With This Here Gas Can”. Musically, it dials down the chaotic genre-bending insanity on display throughout the other tracks in favor of something more massively bludgeoning, sneakily melodic in places,  and oddly epic in its restrained delivery of venomous vomit.

Which is to say that while it’s not 100% indicative of the rest of the experience on the EP, it is still a unique and grimy offering of distorted riffing, cruel vocals, and hate-smashing drumwork.

Speaking only for myself, I find myself bored with music videos that are by-and-large just glorified playthroughs. So when I get to experience a truly visually interesting music video like the one you’re about to see, I’m much more excited to take it in — and want to replay it. So if you want a glimpse into what goes bump in the night, and an exploration of the temptations found only in the graveyard, hit play below. Then head over to their Bandcamp where you can snag this tremendous EP for the shocking price of free!




  1. Very cool video, and I’m digging the song as well 🙂

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