Feb 142016

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Morgue Supplier have been rotting away in some very dark urban crevice, festering for roughly seven years since the release of their 2009 EP Constant Negative. A whole hell of a lot of seething viciousness has been building up, and now it’s about to explode. On February 19 the band’s self-titled album will be released via Obscure Musick, and today we bring you a stream of the album’s opening track, “Heathen (The Throes of Poison)“.

The band’s roots go back to roughly 1997, when their original name was Jugular Appetizer, and in 2004 they delivered a debut album called Sociopath. Here in the present, the band’s only remaining member is vocalist Paul Gillis (Drug Honkey), and he’s joined on the new album by drummer/guitarist Eric Bauer (who’s been with the band since 2002) and bass-player Steve Reichelt.


Morgue Supplier-band


For most of its short, sharp duration, “Heathen (The Throes of Poison)” is a raging death/grind fury, a storm of distorted riffs and bursts of spitfire snare drums, with Gillis alternately shrieking and roaring the misanthropic lyrics. In the back half of this effusion of savagery, the band give full reign to an assault of booming, head-battering grooves. Not content simply to gut you like a fish, the band decide to stomp your skull into jelly as well.

One other song from the album — “Cultic Rape” — has already been rampaging out in the world, and you can check that one out below, in addition to our stream of “Heathen (The Throes of Poison)”.

Morgue Supplier is available for pre-order here or on iTunes or Bandcamp.





  1. Nice,I like the vid too.

  2. Both of these tracks have some goddamn energy.

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