Feb 292016

October Tide - Winged Waltz


It looks like it’s going to be yet another one of those crazy weeks where if we snooze for about 5 minutes we’ll miss the debut of at least 5 new things worth getting excited about. For example, everything in this post appeared in just the last few hours of this Monday morning, except the penultimate one, which erupted like a volcano of dementia last night.

These are all videos. Because I really hadn’t planned on trying to inject a round-up into an already full schedule of posts at our site this morning, I don’t have time to write much about them. Of course, I do recommend you give them your time.


Winged Waltz is the name of the fifth album by these beautifully gloomy Swedes, and it will be released by Agonia Records on April 22. Here is the brand new lyric video for the first advance track from the album — “Sleepless Sun”:









Amorphis band


I chose “The Four Wise Ones” from 2015’s Under the Red Cloud as one of last year’s “Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs”, and this morning Amorphis unveiled an official video for that very song. It was produced by Patrik Skoglöw. And here it is:








Rebaelliun-The Hell's Decrees


Rebaelliun are a band of death metal marauders from Brazil. They haven’t been active since 2002, but they are now roaring back with a new album named The Hell’s Decrees that’s due for release by Hammerheart Records this May. As a teaser for the album, Hammerheart has revealed a new song named “Legion” in the form of a lyric video that makes good use of the eye-catching album art. The song is… decimating.









Vampillia band


On April 9, Virgin Babylon Records will release Vampillia’s latest huge musical middle finger to “the egoistic motherfuckers who grow powerful all over the world”. The EP’s title is My Heart Will Go On. Here’s the track list:

01. fuck you
02. another
03. holy shit, mother fucker
04. come on feel the noise

Last night I spied a brand new video for the third of those tracks. If you’re familiar with Vampillia, you can guess that the song will cook the brain in your head like an egg being scrambled, and the video will be freaky, too. Good guesses.









Deathkings-All That Is Beautiful


This final video is unusual. It’s a lyric video for an 18-minute song that often moves at the pace of a tectonic plate (and it’s as heavy as that, too). So the words come slowly, and there’s nothing to help your eyes pass the time during the spaces between them other than a black screen. But the song is immense, and when the pace does pick up, you may feel (as I did) that you’ll bang your feeble head so hard it might come clean off.

The song is “Sol Invictus” and it’s the opening track to a new album by LA’s Deathkings named All That Is Beautiful (due for release on March 18).




  1. That Deathkings is definitely interesting…I’ve been very slowly getting more into the doom spectrum of metal, but it’s still only rarely that I hear something in that camp that actually holds my attention. I’ll look forward to hearing more of that, though!

  2. Damn, 5 for 5. Loving all of these tracks.

  3. I didn’t know there was a new Rebaelliun on the way! Sweet!! 🙂

  4. Good to see Rebaelliun come back,I love Brazilian death metal.

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