Mar 022016

Allfather-Bless the Earth With Fire


Following their debut release, last year’s No Gods, No Masters, UK-based Allfather signed with Static Tension Recordings for the release of a new EP named Bless the Earth With Fire, which is scheduled to hit the streets on April 29. Today we have for you the premiere of a song from the EP called “Raskolnikov“.

What the song demonstrates in spades is that Allfather are capable of creating music that hits like a sledgehammer to the back of the neck but sticks in the memory as well. They also know how to start a song in a way that grabs your attention immediately.


Allfather band


That catchy drum progression that launches the track is soon followed by feedback-fueled chords and then a rapidly jabbing riff that sinks the hooks in further. No doubt, it’s a skull-clobbering song, both bleak and bone-breaking, the bleakness amplified by the raw vocal harshness, but it includes a pulsating melodic refrain and a sinuous guitar solo that you’ll want to come back to.

Combining the heft and doom of sludge and the brawn and fury of hardcore, Allfather definitely know how to hit hard, but they’ve got the talent for putting that power to use in memorable songs as well. It’s a winning combination.

Watch for the EP on April 29. Pre-orders are available HERE.



  1. Damn, this sounds colossal.

  2. Love the homage to C&P…one of my favorite books.

  3. Thanks for checking it out!

  4. Here’s a statement about the song from the band that accompanied a press release we received today:

    “‘Raskolnikov’ is the opening track of the new album, Bless the Earth With Fire. We wanted to open it with a track that hits hard but hopefully shows some progression from the last record. Lyrically it takes some of the themes from Crime and Punishment and the graphic novel From Hell, mainly confusing freedom and enlightenment with giving into your worst instincts. Or how acting only for yourself always ends up hurting somebody. It was also a really good excuse to shout ‘I THE MURDERER’ because it sounds cool as fuck.”

  5. Hooray for Crime and Punishment

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