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Omophagia-In the Name of Chaos


I had so much fun watching the video you’re about to see. There’s something perversely satisfying about the surprise of seeing a flesh-eating band dressed to the nines in business attire kicking down the door to a blast furnace of superheated death metal. And then you discover that these dudes are quick-change artists as well as fleet-fingered assassins. And yes, there will be blood before it’s over.

The band in question is a group of Swiss berserkers named Omophagia, which does indeed refer to the consumption of raw flesh. When I tell you that their new album In the Name of Chaos is being released by Unique Leader Records, you may make the educated guess that speed and technical proficiency will lie ahead, and yes, you’ll get a hot dose of both in the song we’re premiering via this eye-catching video for “Down We Fall“. But those ingredients don’t exhaust the appealing facets of this turbocharged track.


Omophagia band


Along with the flash and fieriness that comes from all those strings being plucked so hyperactively and those drumheads and cymbals being assaulted so vigorously, the song includes a head-whipping melody that proves to be insidiously infectious, and the band also manage to give you a bludgeoning beating of brutality as well.

In the Name of Chaos is Omophagia’s second album overall and their first for Unique Leader. It was tracked at the band’s own studio in Switzerland, and mixed and mastered at the famed Hertz Studio in Poland (Decapitated, Vader, Behemoth, Hate, etc.). It has a release date of April 15 and is available for pre-order now at this location. Here’s the track list:

Willing Whore
Man Machine
Until The Sky Turns Red
The Leader
The Dominant
Love Song
Down We Fall
Wheel In The Engine

In one final bit of Omophagia news, the band will be embarking on a European tour in April with Morgoth, Incantation, and DarkRise. You can find the list of confirmed dates below the video for “Down We Fall”.



OMOPHAGIA Tour w/ Morgoth, Incantation, DarkRise:
4/12/2016 Viper Room – Vienna, AU
4/13/2016 Blue Note – Poznan, PL
4/14/2016 Brrack Club – Ostrava, CZ
4/15/2016 Club From Hell – Erfurt, DE
4/16/2016 Hypothalamus – Rheine, DE
4/17/2016 Iduna – Drachten, NL
4/18/2016 Baroeg – Rotterdam, NL
4/19/2016 Maison Du Peuple – Chappelle-Lez Ht, BE
4/20/2016 Nambucca – London, UK
4/21/2016 Audio – Glasgow, UK
4/22/2016 Talking Heads – Southampton, UK
4/23/2016 Helvete – Oberhausen, DE


  1. Normally not a big fan of the screamier vocal style, but holy (not holly this time) hell, this was frickin’ cool.

  2. Not bad at all.I s

  3. Not bad at all.I see that they come from the Akercocke school of fashion.

  4. Seriously killer song and video, and I’m extremely envious of the left side guitar player’s Dime Dean, it’s gorgeous! \m/

  5. Some blistering guitar work. I dig.

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