Mar 042016

Yliaster-Soliloquy cover


For those who missed our previous feature about Yliaster, it’s a project formed by musician/vocalist Marcel Polit in partnership with drummer Dariusz ‘Daray’ Brzozowski (Vesania, Dimmu Borgir, ex-Vader). Later this month, Yliaster will release its debut album, Soliloquy, and today we bring you a stream of its powerhouse title track.

From beginning to end, the song is galvanizing. Ratcheting electronic sounds pave the way for jackhammering riffs and swirling guitar notes, and Daray‘s drumming alternately hits hard enough to crack concrete, somersaults in head-spinning progressions, and launches bullet-spitting fusillades with mechanistic precision.


Yliaster Photo 2


The production of the music gives the sound a massive, almost overpowering force. In the mid-section, the intensity of the music briefly subsides, transitioning into something that’s atmospherically even more predatory and ominous before ramping up again into a final orgy of violent, jolting power, with Polit‘s snarling vocals reaching new heights of ferocity. Yet within the music’s raging storm of savagery lurk melodic guitar motifs that prove to be as memorable as the pile-driving rhythms are pulse-pounding.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have, and if you do, be sure to check out “Nox“, which was the first single released from the album. You’ll find it below, right after our premiere of “Soliloquy”.

Soliloquy will be released digitally through Bandcamp later this month, and physical copies with related merch will become available soon after. In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you more information about the specific release date, as well as a stream of the entire album.




  1. This track is IMMENSE

  2. Blistering, blazing and… I wish I could say sparkling, and make you think of grinding, but the word unfortunately has a linkage to rather wussy “gleam and glitter”.

  3. Mouth and eye wateringly intense! Wait. Is that even possible? 😉

  4. wow this is pure monster!

  5. Stoked on this.

  6. “Nox” is so damn good, I’m sold on that one alone 🙂

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