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This is the first post I’ve ever written on my phone. I’m doing this because we’re having a wind storm where I live that knocked out the power while I was asleep AND I can’t get my generator to start AND even if I could, there would be no internet access.

SO, I’m on a ferry boat headed for Seattle, where I presume I can find power, and more importantly, coffee. I have three premieres I need to write and I want to finish a round up, but everything is going to be delayed because someone out there displeased Thor. Shame on you, whoever you are.

In the meantime, enjoy that painting (“The Castle”) by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich (that name is a motherfucker to type on a phone).

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  1. I got your back, Islander! Everyone looking for new music, go look at Love Sex Machine’s new album Asexual Anger! Viciously vitriolic sludge metal that also is available for free download.

  2. Sorry to hear, that sucks! I haven’t heard the expression “wind storm” before, what is that? In Kansas we have varying degrees of thunderstorms.

    • In the Puget Sound area it’s common in the winter to get high-powered winds come through, sometimes lasting for many hours (this current storm started sometime last night and is expected to last all day). Sometimes it’s accompanied by rain, but often there’s no rain, just the wind. And because so many power lines are above ground and surrounded by trees, when the wind knocks branches and trees down, the power goes out. The winds in this storm have reached 45 – 60 mph. When I left my house, the radio in my car said there were 45,000 people in the Seattle area without power so far.

      • Ahh, I see. Hope they get your power back on soon. Ours goes out every now and then during storms, more so since we moved a few years ago. We’re on a different grid now and I don’t think it’s been upgraded since the dark ages.

      • “wind storm” sounds rather pleonastic. (There doesn’t seem to be an English equivalent of the Norwegian idiom “butter on bacon”, unfortunately).
        I lived with a slow and unstable internet connection for about 6 months after one of those. I do hope this temporary annoyance will be sorted out soon, for you and everyone else. It’s not until you are without electricity that you realize how dependent you are of it. For everything from food and light to entertainment et al.
        PS: Check your mailbox dated March 9th whence convenient.

  3. That is one hell of a castle!!!

  4. Clearly your disaster recovery procedures need to be updated. I suggest a monthly generator test, and if your generator isn’t whole house stick important pieces of infrastructure to it – like your ISP supplied boxes. I know that e.g. Verizon FioS offers a battery backup for their ONT box (this is the one which your fiber connects to from the street) which will let you have some service during a power outage (I’ve don’t have the battery in mine as it was quite the upcharge, so I’ve never actually tested this in real life. I also rarely have power outages)

    • We splurged on this generator after more than a decade of power outages every winter, and it’s strong enough to power everything in the house. I’ll have to talk to the repair guy — whenever he chooses to arrive — about how to do a monthly test, which makes sense. I’m also very curious to figure out why it didn’t start. This isn’t like the gasoline-powered unit we had for a while that would just keep the fridge, stove, a few lights, and our well pump going. I could screw around with that thing on my own when it would get balky. I’m scared to touch the one we have now, especially because there’s a big propane tank about 15 feet away from it.

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