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Sorry it took so long for this page to load. You’ll soon find out why.

For the last 10 days I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t had time to prepare round-ups of new metal with enough frequency to keep pace with the daily flood of music. It’s impossible to catch up, because every day other good new things appear. So, I’ve made a painful compromise with myself. As a way of (somewhat) clearing the slate, I’ve collected in this post many of the new songs and videos that I would have written about over the last 10 days if I’d had the time. But the only way I have time to do this is to strip out almost everything I normally do when we feature new music. All you’ll find below are embeds of the music, or in one case a link to a site where the song is exclusively streaming.

Almost everything collected here premiered over the last two weeks; in most cases, these are just individual songs, but in some cases complete EPs or albums. I like all of it. There’s so much of it that I don’t know whether this was worth doing; not many people will make the time to even sample everything that follows. But what’s done is done. I hope you find a few things that ring your bell. And if you think this was a terrible idea, please say so. Either way, I don’t plan to do this frequently.

If you want more information about the specific releases, in most cases you’ll find what you’re after by clicking on the links within the streams. If that option isn’t available, leave questions in the comments, and I’ll answer them. Here we go: music from A to Z (39 bands!):






Bleeding Spawn












Cryptic Realms




Deviant Process
























God In Flames








Graves At Sea
























Irkallian Oracle












Lake of Violet




















Primitive Weapons




Prisoner of War








Second To Sun








This Ending






















  1. Great post!! I must say though every time someone posts Perturbator It makes me want to punch a Baby and it’s Mother! Total shitty band. The rest are great though!

    • Well, 38 out of 39 is a pretty good batting average. πŸ™‚

      • Still not as good as Steph Curry’s shooting average, though. πŸ™‚

        For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the Perturbator track, and am eagerly awaiting his new album. Then again, I don’t know the first thing about electronic / synthwave music aside from what Blood Music have introduced me to, so…

  2. I’m not done listening to everything yet, and I’ll be back tomorrow for sure.
    Having to choose, and end up making a compromise with no description, rather than no presentation of the music at all, is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea, and going with the devil. It’s the best choice.
    Still, perhaps 10 embeds and a minimum of info would be a golden mean? The growth of releases don’t seem to slow down any time soon, and you might have to get used to this πŸ™

    • You’re definitely right that the pace of worthy new releases is not going to slow down. And I’ll definitely revert to what I usually do — make random selections of tiny percentages of new releases to spill words over and weep softly over my inability to do more. πŸ™‚

    • I simply don’t have the time to hear everything in its entirety. Let him who hath understanding recon the full duration of the embedds on this here side.

      Here’s a few very good sounding handpicks:
      Burial, Irfinn, Prisoner of War, This Ending, War//Plague & Zealotry

      And a few comments:
      -Interment – that artwork video alone… A wonder I could sleep tonight.
      -Krater! Definitely Krater! I love that album, and you should too!
      -Manowar kills? No, Krisiun does!
      -I actually thought about tipping Islander of to Reptilian, but I considered he’s already drowning in stuff he wants to cover. Which this page just goes to prove.
      Voidnaga’s stuff is actually a demo. Bypass that stupid intro, and you’re in for a surprise! This one’s approved and recommended by Gorger.

      Now, scroll bak to Krater and give Non Serviam (Panzer-attack), Bury the Light (Luciferian worship) & Nerven-Gift (calm deployment of nerve gass) an extra spin.

  3. Bleeding Spawn sounds pretty sweet, and I love the new Krisiun video πŸ™‚

  4. Whats the deal with that Ifrinn release? Is it just one song? Theres no MA entry, yet its a great song and I’d love to hear more and know more about the band.

    There was a lot of stuff in this post and as Im writing I realize I already forgot half of it. Ha.
    Maybe Gorger has a point about the golden mean.
    I also now need to check out this Krater album more as I pretty much glossed right over it and have since forgotten to go back.

    Reptlian sounding very fun for the death metal camp.
    Lake of Violet is quite unique. I’ll need to hear that as a whole to see how it all fits, but its quite intriguing.
    Morrow is interesting, but maybe doesn’t hit the height of the new Wildernessking while mining the same territory.

    • At least Krater should fit like a glow if you’re into the likes of Marduk and Watain, as they lie pretty much in between.

      Ifrinn is a five song, 29 minute EP that’ll be released by Iron Bonehead on March 25th.

      • This Krater is, indeed, pure fire. Lovely stuff. Cant believe I let it pass my ears once without any exclamation, because it is positively “ripping me a new one”, so to speak.

        Thanks for the info about Ifrinn! Now 87% more eager to hear this.
        The 25th is proving to be a very serious day in metal this year.

        • 87%. That’s some serious calculation right there. πŸ™‚
          I pretty much hope nothing will surpass February 26th. That day was awesome, but backbreaking.

  5. Definitely difficult to pick out my favorites from so long and fantastic a list, but I’m liking Deviant Process, Krater, Lunglust, This Ending, and War/Plague as new finds, and of course the new Cobalt and Horrendous tracks are jaw-droppingly good.

  6. Gorod gets my vote for most infectious 2016.

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