Mar 242016

Ever-Frost band


Ever-Frost are a five-man band who make their home in Modena, Italy. Their debut album Departing of Time appeared in 2013, and in January of this year they released a new EP entitled Undefined Colors. To help spread the word about this new creation, we previously premiered the EP’s final song, “Phoenix Rising”, and today we’re helping spread the word about a brand new video for a song called “The Have Mind”.

Ever-Frost have drawn inspiration for their music from bands that range from Dark Tranquillity to Soilwork to The Faceless. “The Hive Mind” is a galloping, jabbing, tension-ratcheting, high-energy slice of melodic death metal that makes space for a scintillating guitar solo (and a booming breakdown, too).


Ever-Frost-Undefined Colors


The subject matter of “The Hive Mind” is reflected in the video, which was directed and produced by Art Distillery Studios in Italy. As the band explain, it addresses “the inner struggle that man has to deal with for preserving his own mind and thoughts that are continuously threatened by brainwashing mass medias and governments.”

You can order a copy of Undefined Colors HERE or on iTunes.


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