Apr 272016

Throane cover art


We have mentioned Dehn Sora many times on our site. On all those occasions, it has been because of his visual art, which has graced the covers of albums by such bands as Blut Aus Nord, Ephel Duath, Code, and Otargos. But he is a musician as well, and he has given his newest project the name Throane.

The first Throane full-length bears the title Derrière-Nous, La Lumière, and it will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on the 27th of May. To open the door to this work, we have the premiere of a song named “Un Instant Dans Une Torche“, and the video that accompanies it.

There is movement in the video. If you look away and look back again, you will see it more easily than if you stare unblinking. The symbolism of a slit throat.


Throane art


The music is like a surgical implement, a scalpel operating on your mind. It has a transfixing effect as it seethes; you almost don’t notice the pain. You seem to wake up when the song ends, to come to your senses, yet still disoriented. There has been a disturbance in your reality. How did that happen in the space of five minutes?

You can dissect the song’s movements as it is dissecting you — the cannon-shot drum beats; the boil of distorted guitar; the cacophony of voices, all insane; the thrum of a bass, which seems to be the only tenuous anchor to reality; the buzzing guitars that upset your inner ear; the high, whittering tones in a loop; the fume of narcotics fogging your brain; the sludgy hammer blows and unsettling guitar vibrations; the weight of catastrophe, like buildings coming down in a slow-motion collapse; the whirling bonfire of a mind eating itself.

You may have different visions as you listen; I doubt they will be any more pleasant than mine. But if you aren’t mesmerized at the same time as you feel your grip on reality becoming un-stuck, I’ll be surprised. If you don’t play it more than once, in a fervent effort to figure out what has just happened to you and how, I’ll be even more surprised. This is fascinating, void-faring music that will be a challenge to genre classifiers; I’m not even going to try.

As uneasy as this music is, I have an urgent need to hear the rest of the album. I have to wait for it as you do. I have a feeling it will take us places we may not want to explore, but we won’t be able to resist its allure.


Derrière-Nous, La Lumière can be pre-ordered on digipack CD (limited to 500 copies) here:


The digital version can be pre-orderd here:


And Throane’s fledgling Facebook page is at this location:




  1. Damn, this is sounding riveting. Stoked to hear more.

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