May 022016

Revulsion - Drain-Reject Myself cover


When a band name themselves Revulsion, it’s a safe bet that they’re not going to play break-up songs, narcotic stoner jams, or ambient drone. Of course, that still leaves a lot of open territory, most likely the kind that resembles a war zone. But as much fun as guessing games can be, we won’t leave you guessing for much longer.

Of course, some people reading this will already know about Revulsion, but the two-track 7″ we’re premiering today was my first exposure to what they do. You can probably guess that I think it’s damned good. The name is Drain / Reject Myself.


Revulsion 1


This group of Scots have put out two EPs in as many years, and if you like what you hear on this new release, I’ll tell you how to find them. But first, a few words about these two heavy hardcore songs.

“Drain” begins with a huge, groaning, lumbering stomp (reminiscent of Gojira, of all things), and then proceeds to inflict an even more vigorous beating with hard-jabbing riffs and drum and bass thunder that will set your spine to vibrating. The red-throated vocals are also full of venom and pugilistic fury, but the song holds a bit of a surprise, too (which I won’t spoil).

“Reject Myself” begins brawling right away, but like “Drain” it’s propelled by earth-shaking grooves. There’s a head-caving breakdown lying in wait, and it’s a catchy beast as well.

Drain/Reject Myself was recorded and mixed by Nick Scholey (Bleed From Within, Grader, Johnny Truant) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Nails, Full Of Hell).

The 7″ will be available from Soaked In Torment Records in transparent blue vinyl and from Outbreak Records in transparent cream vinyl. Pre-order links are below:

Revulsion will be playing Outbreak Fest on May 8 at Leeds (UK) — more info about the fest can be found here. To follow the band and explore their previous releases, check out these links:




  1. Dude’s vox remind me of Hatebreed. I can get down with this.

  2. This sounds pretty killer!

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