Mar 022021


(Not long ago we published Aleksha McLoughlin‘s review of the excellent self-titled debut album by the Finnish death metal band Revulsion, which was released on February 5th by Transcending Obscurity Records, and Aleksha has now followed that up with a live recorded interview of Revulsion members Atte Karppinen (drummer) and Tuomas Alatalo (bassist), a transcription of which you’ll find below.)


What was it like signing up to Transcending Obscurity Records? They have some great bands on their label, like Gaera and De Profundis.

It was exciting, of course; our first signing and immediately to an international label. We obviously had heard about them through Sepulchral Curse and Sadistik Forest, we know the guys from that band. So we already had friends who had signed up with them. It was quite a clear choice in that sense because we already had an idea of what they could do and what kind of connections to the industry they had, how we could get our music out there.

We were surprised how quickly Transcending Obscurity Records responded to our questions about the signing. Yeah, it didn’t take long for him to reply. He was like, “Let’s get this album out there, let’s get you guys some visibility”. Because it’s obvious today, in this kind of competitive environment, with a lot of bands, labels and everything like that, it’s hard to get your voice out there and get your band seen and stand out. Continue reading »

Feb 152021


(We present Aleksha McLoughlin‘s review of the debut self-titled album by the Finnish death metal band Revulsion, which was released on February 5th by Transcending Obscurity Records.)

It’s been over ten years since the last proper release from Finland’s Revulsion — their 2011 EP Defiled. Now the band are back to find their place among their country’s death metal greats alongside Abhorrence, Convulse, Depravity and Demigod. The long wait was certainly worthwhile, because Revulsion’s self-titled full-length debut is one of the best death metal albums to come out in recent years.

“Last Echoes of Life” opens the album with persuasive vigour and unrelenting aggression, very much setting the stage for how the rest of the record is set to play out. Immediately you are met with the powerful vocal attack of Aleksi Hunta, whose fierce aggression not only fits the music perfectly, but also lends weighty sincerity to the proceedings. Continue reading »

Nov 242020


According to Metal-Archives the Finnish death metal band Revulsion first took shape 15 years ago, but they took some time before releasing a debut demo in 2010 and then a debut EP in 2011. With the exception of a single in 2016, more than 9 more years passed between that EP and the now-established release date for their self-titled debut album, which will be brought to us on February 1, 2021, by Transcending Obscurity Records.

And so Revulsion clearly aren’t a band concerned about rushing things. And based on their new album, they’re also not chained to the past. Although they obviously have a healthy devotion to old school traditions, their music doesn’t sound dated at all, but instead draws into play stylistic ingredients that give it the impression of a big turbocharged engine driving forward, with some twists and turns along the way.

Today we’re bringing you a song from the album named “Last Echoes of Life“, which turns out to be a thrilling (and addictive) amalgam of livid derangement, voracious ferocity, and neck-wrecking groove. Continue reading »

Mar 142020


Many of us here in the U.S., as elsewhere, are essentially stuck at home. We’re supposed to stay away from our fellow human beings, and there’s not much to do away from home anyway. Fortunately, the virus hasn’t infected the internet so I can still eject new songs and videos at your head, which I’ve been doing at great volume today — a dozen of them in Part 1 of this post (here), and almost another dozen in this one. I mean, what the hell else do you have to do?

Once again, everything is organized in alphabetical order by band name, picking up from the items in Part 1, and I’ve again truncated my usual commentary.


Get seduced by the dual-guitar intro, stay for the jackhammering of your neck and the vocal scorching of your face… a bitter and battering experience. Continue reading »

Nov 242016



Here in the good old U.S. of A. it’s Thanksgiving Day today, and so to all of our American readers, I want to wish you a happy fucking Thanksgiving. And if you’re puzzling over what to be thankful for, I have some new metal for you. You’re welcome.

That’s right, while the rest of the miscreants in U.S. metal blogdom are acting like normal, reasonably well-adjusted people and taking the day off, I’m still here like a good samaritan at the soup kitchen, feeding you nourishing metal so you won’t think no one cares about you, at least for today. As usual, I’ll also post something new on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this long “holiday” weekend, not because I’m better than anyone else but because I obviously have an undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Because it’s Thanksgiving, this holiday edition of what we normally call Seen and Heard is overstuffed, which is the condition of most Americans by the end of this day. So get ready to gorge yourself through the earholes with music from a dozen bands. Continue reading »

May 022016

Revulsion - Drain-Reject Myself cover


When a band name themselves Revulsion, it’s a safe bet that they’re not going to play break-up songs, narcotic stoner jams, or ambient drone. Of course, that still leaves a lot of open territory, most likely the kind that resembles a war zone. But as much fun as guessing games can be, we won’t leave you guessing for much longer.

Of course, some people reading this will already know about Revulsion, but the two-track 7″ we’re premiering today was my first exposure to what they do. You can probably guess that I think it’s damned good. The name is Drain / Reject Myself. Continue reading »