Mar 292018


This makes the third time I’ve written about the Finnish band Hukutus at our putrid site. The first occasion (here) was at Thanksgiving 2016 when I discovered their unusual video (in which the band take off their clothes and run through forests, pausing for t’ai chi routines with glow sticks before pushing on toward the shores of frigid lakes) for a single called “Nadiirit“. The second time was almost exactly one year ago when we premiered a track named “Metsä ja yö“. And now we have another premiere.

Koitus” is the band’s third single, and also the final harbinger of the band’s debut album, which we can announce is entitled Oksitosiini (“Oxytocin” in Finnish) and will be released by My Fate Music on April 27, 2018. Like the first two singles, this one is a riveting experience. Once again, Hukutus have proven themselves to be wicked mutagenic agents, altering the DNA of metal in arresting ways. Continue reading »

Mar 212017


This premiere came about as all of them do: We were asked to help introduce a piece of music to the public. I listened to it first before answering the request, to decide whether I could in good conscience recommend it to our readers. I was already pretty sure the answer wold be yes before even reaching the 1:00 mark. By the time I had reached the end, I was scrambling to answer “Yes!” as fast as I could. It’s an emotionally powerful, intensely memorable song, the kind of song that has called me back to it many times since the first listen, and has put my heart in my throat each time.

The song is a single by the Finnish band Hukutus named “Metsä ja yö“, which the band tell us means “The Forest and the Night“. Like the song’s title, the lyrics are in Finnish. Here’s the rest of what the band have explained about the song: Continue reading »

Nov 242016



Here in the good old U.S. of A. it’s Thanksgiving Day today, and so to all of our American readers, I want to wish you a happy fucking Thanksgiving. And if you’re puzzling over what to be thankful for, I have some new metal for you. You’re welcome.

That’s right, while the rest of the miscreants in U.S. metal blogdom are acting like normal, reasonably well-adjusted people and taking the day off, I’m still here like a good samaritan at the soup kitchen, feeding you nourishing metal so you won’t think no one cares about you, at least for today. As usual, I’ll also post something new on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this long “holiday” weekend, not because I’m better than anyone else but because I obviously have an undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Because it’s Thanksgiving, this holiday edition of what we normally call Seen and Heard is overstuffed, which is the condition of most Americans by the end of this day. So get ready to gorge yourself through the earholes with music from a dozen bands. Continue reading »