Mar 142020


Many of us here in the U.S., as elsewhere, are essentially stuck at home. We’re supposed to stay away from our fellow human beings, and there’s not much to do away from home anyway. Fortunately, the virus hasn’t infected the internet so I can still eject new songs and videos at your head, which I’ve been doing at great volume today — a dozen of them in Part 1 of this post (here), and almost another dozen in this one. I mean, what the hell else do you have to do?

Once again, everything is organized in alphabetical order by band name, picking up from the items in Part 1, and I’ve again truncated my usual commentary.


Get seduced by the dual-guitar intro, stay for the jackhammering of your neck and the vocal scorching of your face… a bitter and battering experience.

The video is new. The song is taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, which was released last October by Century Media. Buy here. Facebook here.







An exception to our rule, and a cover of “Rainbow In the Dark” by Ronnie James Dio, presented through a live video. It’s from an upcoming live mini-album from Khemmis named Doomed Heavy Metal, to be released by 20 Buck Spin (physical) and Nuclear Blast Records (digital only) on April 17th. Get ready to hoist those invisible oranges…

Pre-order here or here or here. Facebook here.







Another new track from this SF band, whose blend of epic heavy metal riffs, black-magic solos, and blackened goblin vocals continues to work supremely well. Loosen up your neck muscles before playing this one.

From Darkness Silence Mirror Flame, which releases on March 20 via Creator-Destructor Records. Pre-order here. Facebook here.







Trance-inducing, body-moving rhythms provide the compulsive propulsion. Darting, skittering, screaming tones, twisted riffing, and demonic vocals provide the hallucinogenic poison. It swells into a grand madness, and descends into an opium dream. All hail the return of Oranssi Pazuzu….

From the new album Mestarin Kynsi, due for release by Nuclear Blast on April 17th. Pre-order here. Facebook here.







Growling bass and hammering drums put you through a pneumatic trash compactor and then pound the results into smaller and more fractured shapes, while the menacing and freaky guitar work mess with your mind and the vocalist howls at the full moon. Heavy as hell, harrowing, and yet enthralling.

“Rust” comes from this Kansas City band’s new album II, which was released on February 28th. Buy here. Facebook here.







Bludgeoning, boisterous black metal that soars in apocalyptic grandeur and flares into mind-bending madness. Complex, multi-faceted, viscerally intense, instrumentally adventurous, the whole trip is stunning, but that was to be expected.

The song has been released as a digital single (here) but will also appear on From The Suns of Perdition: Chapter II – Render Unto Eden, a new album that will be released by Eisenwald. Pre-orders will become available here or here. Facebook here.







Skull-plundering, hornet-swarming, nail-gunning death metal that’s dismal, diseased, and demented in its frenzies. Wide-ranging vocal grotesquery too.

This just seems to be a teaser-track for a forthcoming debut album to be released by Transcending Obscurity Records, but I haven’t seen a title or release date yet. Revulsion’s Facebook is here.







Another exception to our rule about singing, and much more rock and post-punk than metal, yet still a sinister piece of head-moving sorcery, luminous and lunar…

From the album Black House, which will be released by Prophecy on May 8th. Pre-order here or here. Facebook here.







A screaming black metal conflagration. Nothing icy or cold about this, just molten fury and blood-boiling riffs… but with a grim and gloomy detour and an eerie, wailing solo near the end.

This is the title track from the new album, God Of Dead Roots, released yesterday by M-Theory Audio. Stream/buy here. Facebook here.







A skull-stomping doom-death chug-fest laced with miserable melody and vocals from the Marianas Trench, with a mesmerizing instrumental interlude that becomes more arcane and nightmarish as it goes. Which is true of the song as a whole. It seems to become a musical Lovecraftian horror.

From The World That Was, which will be released on March 27th by Shadow Kingdom Records. Pre-order here. Facebook here.







A full-throttle, high-voltage romp — drumming on full auto; gruesome guttural bellows and red-throated screams; insectile fretwork frenzies; riffing that seethes, swirls, and slugs.

From the album The Dead Are Screaming by an Australian blackened death-grind band that features members of Psycroptic, The Antichrist Imperium, and a whole lot more. Pre-order here or here. Facebook here. The album will be released April 24th by Prosthetic.



  1. Both parts of this round up have been killer, with some names new to me that I have to check out!

    Since you included the Khemmis cover here, this might be a good place to mention that the debut full length from black/death band Black Curse (which features members of Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Khemmis and Primitive Man) was announced recently for an April 24 release through Sepulchral Voice Records. It’s titled Endless Wound and there have already been two tracks released from it.

  2. Yes! On new releases from Oranssi Pazuzu and Secrets of the Moon! Can’t wait.

  3. That Khemmis is just bloody awful.

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