Nov 242020


According to Metal-Archives the Finnish death metal band Revulsion first took shape 15 years ago, but they took some time before releasing a debut demo in 2010 and then a debut EP in 2011. With the exception of a single in 2016, more than 9 more years passed between that EP and the now-established release date for their self-titled debut album, which will be brought to us on February 1, 2021, by Transcending Obscurity Records.

And so Revulsion clearly aren’t a band concerned about rushing things. And based on their new album, they’re also not chained to the past. Although they obviously have a healthy devotion to old school traditions, their music doesn’t sound dated at all, but instead draws into play stylistic ingredients that give it the impression of a big turbocharged engine driving forward, with some twists and turns along the way.

Today we’re bringing you a song from the album named “Last Echoes of Life“, which turns out to be a thrilling (and addictive) amalgam of livid derangement, voracious ferocity, and neck-wrecking groove.



The song is an immediate explosion of audio madness, channeling the insanity through bullet-spitting drums and palpably demented, writhing fretwork. The music quickly transforms into a jackhammering and blaring extravaganza to greet the vicious growling vocals, but the band salt that rampaging momentum with further episodes of boiling frenzy as well as corrosive, dragging bass and neck-snapping snare. And the band’s penchant for groove comes through even more powerfully in a bout of pile-driving chugs accented by bursts of growling guitar menace.

Along with this high-octane track we’re including streams of two other previously released songs from the album, “Pyre” and “Wastelands”, which will give you further strong tastes of what this band are capable of.

The wonderful cover art was created by Kuba Sokolski, and Transcending Obscurity makes good use of it in the physical editions of the record that they’re releasing, and in the apparel. Check out the options via the link below, and please enjoy the punishing sounds of Revulsion.

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