May 042016

Zorormr-The Aftermath


After three full-length albums released over the last five years, the one-man Polish black metal band Zørormr will be releasing a new EP named The Aftermath on June 10 through the Via Nocturna label. What we have for you today is a track from the EP called “The Adversary“.

The Aftermath is a kind of retrospective on Zørormr’s career so far and a pause along its path into the future. It includes four tracks that were recorded during the sessions that produced the band’s last album, 2015’s Corpus Hermeticum, three of which have not been previously released, as well as two bonus tracks from the recording sessions for the first two albums, 2010’s Kval and 2013’s IHS.


Zorormr band


“The Adversary” features a jolting verse riff mixed with waves of bleak tremolo melody and absolutely seething vocal vitriol. At the heart of the song is a gripping, beautiful guitar solo that contrasts with the mauling (but infectious) ferocity that surrounds it.

The cover art for The Aftermath was created by Timur Khabirov, and the EP can be pre-ordered from Via Nocturna (in both a limited 3-panel digipak edition and as a standard jewel-case) at this location. Here’s the track list:

01. The Last Judgement
02. The Crawling Chaos
03. The Adversary
04. The Aftermath
05. Arise Cthulhu, Arise! (Bonus)
06. Zørormr (Bonus)



  1. Zorormr definitely has a good thing going on.

  2. Thanks for streaming the track 🙂

  3. First of all, your mentioning of the solo didn’t preventing it from erupting as a surprise, and second of all; Oh. My. Fucking. God. That IS beautiful! If the rest of the songs on The Aftermath has this kind of guitar works along with the “jolting verse riffs and waves of bleak tremolo melodies”, I’m totally sold!

    I demand more guitar solos in extreme metal. Now!
    To prove my point (as if Zørormr didn’t just do that), here’s a song you’ve probably heard before. If not, it’s about fucking time: Shining – For The God Below. Turn the volume through the roof at 7:13.

  4. Awesome track, killer riffs and great melodies! \m/

  5. Excellent!

  6. This is an interesting project. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a stomper, thanks for posting!

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