May 242016

Revocation-Great Is Our Sin


I had intended to prepare a “Seen and Heard” round-up for today, and may still accomplish that, but I just listened to a new song from Revocation and decided to toss it at you without waiting until later — because it’s loads of fun.

The name of the song is “Communion”, and it comes from the band’s new album Great Is Our Sin, which will be released on July 22 by Metal Blade. Here’s a quote about the song from guitar whiz David Davidson:

“‘Communion‘ is the fastest song we’ve recorded to date and while it’s blistering in terms of speed there are also some proggy elements present to add contrast to the aggression.”

And he’s right. There’s even some funky bass work in this song along with lots of exuberant, head-spinning, technically impressive guitar work mixed into this invigorating thrash romp.

I’ll also pass along the news that the album has a unifying lyrical concept, which is explained below in a further statement from Davidson (and by the way, the album’s title comes from a quote by Charles Darwin: “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”):

“The concept revolves around the folly of man throughout the ages. Some themes come from historical references that are hundreds of years old, yet sadly these themes are still very relevant today due to mankind’s refusal to learn from the lessons history has taught us, time and time again.”

And with that, here’s “Communion” — along with a pre-order link:



  1. HOT DAMN, this track is blistering. It’s honestly pretty amazing how they never fail to disappoint.

  2. Yep, sounds like Revocation

    • You stole the line I almost included in my short post… but actually, I think there are a few new twists… or at least I think this is one of their most adrenalizing and fun songs to hear.

  3. Fucking aye! I love these guys! Davidson, along with the rest of Revocation, has been one of my biggest influences in the last few years of writing music. They never let me down! I’m stoked to see them at Summer Slaughter!

  4. First time Revocation has hit me right on the chin. Not bothered by the Darwinian shoehorning though.

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