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(Grant Skelton introduces our premiere of a song from the new EP by Cloak.)

The self-titled debut EP from Atlanta, Georgia’s Cloak will be released June 20 on Boris Records. No Clean Singing is proud to present you, our diabolical denizens, with an exclusive stream of the second track from the EP.

The Hunger” is a brooding, blackened track that’s full of ire and venom. But whereas most black metal likes to go right for your throat with a cleaver, Cloak prefer to nick slowly away. Less like an impalement and more like the Chinese “death by a thousand cuts.” The track has a bitter, foaming motif further expounded by the ghostly piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment just prior to the three-minute mark. Spooky melodic leads from guitarist Max Brigham and guitarist/vocalist Scott Taysom work in tandem with the latter’s blistered, grainy vocals.


Cloak - 01
Photo by David Parham

We’ve only gotten an appetizer of Cloak’s particular breed of black n’ roll, as this EP only has two tracks. But as someone who’s still getting acquainted with black metal, this release has been an absolute gem for me. It shows incredible songwriting prowess. This band have definite promise, and I expect that their first full-length will be a modern classic, particularly among black metal acolytes.

Preorder from Boris Records here.
Follow Cloak on Facebook here.


  6 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: CLOAK — “THE HUNGER””

  1. Definitely like where these dudes are going. I get a Tribulation vibe from them.

    • Yeah I really dig this too; I was thinking Tribulation, maybe even Ketzer. I really like the direction some new bands are taking aspects of black metal and merging them with either death, thrash, prog, etc…. I’m pretty much done with whole albums of just tremolo picking and blast beats.

      • I second that. Black metal is an acquired taste for me. I don’t mind tremolo picking and blast beats in the least. But I found that Cloak took a black metal root and grafted said root onto something different.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Now this doesn’t hurt.

  3. Mmmm… nice. NCS, the home of diabolical denizens 🙂

  4. In total agreement about the vibe feeling like Tribulation. You could almost write a press release calling it America’s answer to Tribulation.

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