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Skuggflock is the name of the new third album by Sweden’s Stilla, and August 19 is the date set for its joint release by Bindrune Recordings in North America and Nordvis Produktion in Europe. Today we are joining with sites across the Atlantic to bring you the premiere of the album’s title track.

Stilla are a black metal band, but far from the stereotype of a Scandinavian black metal band, and Skuggflock moves in directions that are far from the norm. That much was evident from the first track that appeared from the new album, “Vårens sista önskan”, which we wrote about in May, soon after it appeared. Fast and furious at the start, it morphs into a multitude of forms as it surges forward, becoming bleak and haunting in its ambience, and ultimately kindling memories of horror movie soundtracks from the ’70s, a la Goblin.


Stilla 2015


The title track is equally multifaceted and mercurial, and equally fascinating. It plays out like a progressive black metal soundtrack to a nightmarish narrative, populated by figures that move in shadow, with features distorted by the flickering light of flame.

The song has a theatrical, and at times bombastic quality, with tempos and rhythms that are in constant flux and wild, wide-ranging vocals. Needling, unnerving tremolo riffs give way to entrancing yet borderline demented keyboard arpeggios; mid-paced, head-nodding cadences yield to thundering gallops and slashing charges; earthy, pulsing bass notes and gut-punching drumbeats become the blood-pumping drive train for a dark, hallucinogenic trip.

“Skuggflock” (Shadowpack) is yet another tantalizing taste of a highly distinctive album made by a talented band who continue to follow their own twisting, turning, unpredictable path.


Here’s the full track list of Skuggflock:

1. Irrfärd
2. Vårens sista önskan
3. Skuggflock
4. Till den som skall komma
5. I tystnad vilar själen
6. Av maran riden
7. Ett inre helvete – ett yttre helvete

Pre-orders of Skuggflock on CD and vinyl are available through the following links:




And you can follow Stilla, Bindrune, and Nordvis on the web here:







  1. Bindrune/Nordvis really can’t put out a bad release as far as I’m concerned, and it’s sounding like this new Stilla album will keep the streak going.

  2. One of my favorite Black Metal bands and one of my favorite labels. Looking forward to the release!!

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