Jul 142016

Quinta Essentia-Initiaties of the Great Work


On July 29 Deathgasm Records will release the new album by Alabama’s Quinta Essentia. Entitled Initiates of the Great Work, it’s the band’s third album and their first since 2008’s Archetypal Transformation. What we have for you today is the premiere of a song that lies in wait in the center of the album, an electrifying track named “Mystical Union“.

While Quinta Essentia incorporate a lot of stylistic variety into this new album, “Mystical Union” honors hallmarks of epic, traditional heavy metal within the turbocharged framework of melodic death metal.


Quinta Essentia band


The song leaps forward at a romping pace, propelled by hard-jabbing riffs, militaristic double-kicks, and rapidly pulsing bass notes, with harsh, leonine howls that rise up into shrieks of murderous rage.

But what really sets the song apart are the scintillating dual-guitar harmonies and eye-opening  solos. In fact, the last two minutes of the song are essentially devoted to an extended, multi-part solo that ranges from the fluidly melodic to the superheated heights of fire-breathing shred.


Initiates Of The Great Work was recorded and engineered by former drummer Lance Wright (former touring drummer for Vile, guitarist for Epoch Of Unlight, etc.) at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, Alabama, and it was mixed by Wright and Colin Davis (Vile). Here’s the track list:

1. The Wanderer Travels
2. The Stone As A Key
3. Flight Without Form
4. Master Of Masters
5. Mystical Union
6. Lunar Power
7. Linear Articulation Of Intent (Instrumental)
8. Initiates Of The Great Work
9. The Elixir Of Liberation
10. Primal Sorcery Incarnate (Outro)


To pre-order Initiates of the Great Work, visit this Bandcamp page, where you can hear another track (“Master of Masters”):




  1. Nice cover art and nifty music!

  2. This is killer! I’ll have to check out their back catalog while waiting for the new one to come out.

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