Jul 152016

Wired Anxiety-The Delirium Negation


On August 1, Transcending Obscurity India will release the second EP by Wired Anxiety, entitled The Delirium of Negation. Two tracks from the EP have surfaced so far, and today we bring you a third, a dynamic piece of full-bore death metal bludgeoning that tranforms into something eerie and unsettling called “Focus 22“.

At the outset, “Focus 22” shows the band in full attack mode, propelled by murderously weaponized drumming, pile-driving riffs, and a writhing, grinding lead-guitar, with vocals that spawn images of a barking pit bull the size of a water buffalo. But this initial onslaught is just designed to begin tenderizing your flesh for the beat-down to come.


Wired Anxiety band


As the pace slows, bursts of brutish jackhammering alternate with diseased chords that moan, groan, and glide, accompanied by even deeper and more monstrous vocal roars. When the song reaches its final chapter, demented guitar notes flicker in the midst of an eerie ambient shimmer as the rhythm section continues to punch like a big nail-gun applied to your neck.


The Delirium of Negation was mixed and mastered by Arkady Navaho of Navaho Studios (Katalepsy, 7 H.Target, etc.). It will be released in a special slipcase edition that features two pieces of artwork by Indonesian artist Coki Greenway (Aborted, Devourment, etc.). Pre-order the album here:



In addition to “Focus 22”, we’re also including a video for the previously released track “Heavily Sedated”, and you can check out a third song (“Test Subject Human”) at this location.





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  1. I love the time lapse video and the track is killer 🙂

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