Aug 042016

Gaerea band-1


This is an out-of-the-ordinary premiere for us. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary standalone post of any kind, premiere or not. Because what we’re bringing you isn’t a full song.

It’s out of the ordinary in some other ways, too: The name of the band is Gaerea, but I don’t know anything about who is in the band. I don’t know where they are from. And I don’t know what this is a teaser for.

But I think you’ll figure out pretty fast why we’re doing this anyway — because the music is out-of-the-ordinary, too.


Gaerea art


I mean, I guess that’s what the word “teaser” means. It’s a tease… and maybe the less you know, the more of a tease it is?

I do have this statement from the band, which I lifted from their Facebook page:

“Let’s make one thing clear. We need to stress the fact that our era is lost in a huge void of numbness. We are here to bring and present you what your system could not solve by itself. We’ll cover the daylight with ashes and smash the massive skull that’s blocking your brain and will to evolve. We’re GAEREA.”

These are ambitious goals, but after this teaser I’m not prepared to argue with them.


This excerpt is almost four minutes long and it’s a portion of a single song. That’s a pretty good chunk of music, even if I don’t know the name of the song or how long it is in its entirety or anything about the release from which it has been extracted.

It’s a slow burn, drenched in ominous atmosphere from the very start, with an unnerving vibratory riff launching the track, followed by tumbling drum beats that rattle the skull. It grows increasingly intense, beginning to burn with the bestial fury of the vocals and cascading tremolo riffs that become increasingly beguiling, mixing dissonance and wrenching but beautifully ashen melody.

The music is also produced in a way that gives it clarity and power (in less than four minutes it has already done a pretty effective job of smashing my massive skull). It’s heavy, dark, and eerie, and I suppose in genre terms you could say it’s black metal with touches of post-metal. I also think it’s very good… which is why this post exists, despite all of its unusual aspects.


I presume that in due course we will learn answers to at least some of the mysteries I listed above, though I have a feeling many won’t be answered. As long as we get more of this music soon, that’s okay with me.

P.S. You’ll notice that this is teaser #2. I half-expected that there might not even be a #1. That would kind of fit everything else. But it turns out there is a previous teaser, and I’ve included that below as well. You won’t hear any different music, but you do get to see the band… sort of.




  1. It’s slow black metal. Sort of reminds me of a more organic, slightly darker Celeste.

  2. They are portuguese apparently.

  3. They’re not Portuguese, or maybe they could, but the reason why they’ve been considered Portuguese is that I got to know them thanks to a mutual friend who is Portuguese…but he’s a director that worked in Italy, France, Sweden, Uk, USA & more

    So he’s the Portugues ring of the chain, but not sure about the band

    • Well, most of the people present in their facebook page are portuguese, and they are associated with a portuguese metal magazine…

      • Actually, on that same magazine they talk about the first teaser and say:
        (translation) “Below you can watch the teaser of what will be the first EP from the portuguese band Gaerea.”

        • I hope they are Portuguese. The scene would benefit from raising the bar and gaining more international attention. Of the top of my head (with minor research), Corpus Christii, Lux Ferre, Tod Huetet Uebel & Vaee Solis are the only ones I know and remember right now that deserves my full recognition and recommendations.

          • Those are all fine names. I did some searching through our previous posts and found these names before giving up (there were more to be found but I ran out of time): Israthoum (half Portuguese), Black Cilice (same man who is in Israthoum), Onirik, Ocerco, Tendagruta, Nornahetta, Névoa, Enlighten.

  4. I don’t care if they are from mars, I gotts to have mes a parts of this action.

  5. A Portuguese friend believes that this band is probably formed of members of Sinistro, We are the damned and Besta.

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