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Gehenna-Bleach Everything both covers


Tomorrow (August 5) Magic Bullet Records will release a powerhouse split named Heavy Metal Suicide by two bands who throw everything they’ve got into uncompromising music that assaults the senses with raw, physical force — The Infamous Gehenna and Bleach Everything — both of whom are also working on new full-lengths.

Gehenna contributes two tracks that prove again the truth of the label “Negative Hardcore” that’s been attached to their music for more than two decades, while Bleach Everything launch three short, sharp shocks to your well-being. For readers who may be new to one or both bands, read on… or just jump to the player below for a vicious, gut-punching, head-battering experience.

Gehenna band


Brent from Bleach Everything provided this comment about Gehenna and the chance to join with them on this split:

“Rebellion. Pain. Noise. War. Famine. Addiction. Disease. Death. Negative Hardcore. This is what makes The Infamous Gehenna and what The Infamous Gehenna makes.

“We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to pair up with a band as pure, real, and as uncompromising as The Infamous Gehenna on Heavy Metal Suicide. It’s hard to do anything much of anything for two decades, let alone keep together a band that demands and endangers so much of its membership every time out. They are the beating heart for a style of punk that very few can pull off in modern times, so it’s an honor to be the designated driver/lookout on another one of their relentless sonic benders.”

Gehenna‘s two tracks, which were recorded by former Integrity member Rob Orr, manifest different sides of this band’s violent, hate-filled blend of metal and hardcore, “Looking To Score” and “Get Fucked Up!”.

The former begins as a mid-paced bruiser, punctured with a bout of rampaging, but eventually transforms into an utterly bleak, corrosive crawl that sounds like a judgment of damnation. As you might guess from its title, “Get Fucked Up!” is a fast, thrashing eruption of barbarity that gets the adrenaline pumping while rhythmically applying a crowbar with vicious force to the back of the listener’s neck. It will indeed fuck you up.




Bleach Everything band


This split is the third release overall for Bleach Everything, whose members come from both Virginia and California. As mentioned at the outset, their three tracks adhere to the philosophy that less is more — these are short, explosive flurries of bare-knuckled battering.

But there’s more going on in these volcanic eruptions of punk mayhem than red-hot fury and turbocharged energy. Short they may be, but they’re dynamic and delivered with instrumental flair. (This is my first introduction to Bleach Everything, and I’m definitely going to be digging up what they’ve done before and waiting eagerly for the full-length they’re now assembling.)

Thematically, the songs “tackle topics like inauthenticity (‘Witch, Please’), the environmental militancy of particular Godzilla rivals (‘Silk And Scales’), and the strange phenomenon of many American adults attempting to address their inner voids with incessant breeding (‘Human Mulligan’).”


Heavy Metal Suicide was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and the cover art was created by Chris Norris (aka Steak Mtn), with two cover color variations being pressed: white/black/red and blue/black/red. Three vinyl colors (red, blue, white) round out the first pressing of the split.

Pre-orders for the blue cover 7” are available from Magic Bullet HERE, the white cover 7” HERE, and digital preorders can be placed HERE.


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