Aug 072016

Deprive-Temple of the Lost Wisdom


At the end of last month Memento Mori released the second album by the Spanish one-man death metal band Deprive. Bearing the title Temple of the Lost Wisdom, it follows last year’s promising debut album Into Oblivion. Today we have for you a stream of one of the new album’s ten tracks, “Doomed Tears of Humanity“.

As before, Deprive’s alter ego Erun Dagoth performs all instruments as well as vocals on this new work, making use of the experience he has gained in a multitude of other bands, including Briargh, Hrizg, Stormstone, CrystalMoors, Eldereon, and Omendark, while drawing upon a similarly diverse array of death and doom influences from the ’90s, including the works of Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Amorphis, Incantation, My Dying Bride, Cemetery, and Bolt Thrower.


Deprive-Erun Dagoth


The percolating effect of these august influences is evident in the song we bring you today. The song opens with slow, crushing, morbid riffs, dirty with distortion and redolent of doom and decay, sparked by bursts of tumultuous percussion and enraged growls from a throat seemingly choked with blood and anger. Yet the song reveals other dimensions beyond the preternatural gloom of the crypt. A penetrating, reverberating guitar melody surfaces, aching with loss and despair, lending the fatalistic music accents of melancholy beauty.

Yet another dimension is revealed when Dagoth accelerates the tempo, launching a flurry of frenzied tremolo riffing and hammering drums and chords, creating a rushing fury of sound augmented by inflamed yells and wolf-like howls — with a reminder of that entrancing, eerie, melody in the doom-cloaked finale.

Like the album as a whole, “Doomed Tears of Humanity” is sure-handed and authentic in its spirit, an honorarium to classic sounds and a vivid rendering of emotions that proves to be seductive as well as obliterating.


The cover art for Temple of the Lost Wisdom was created by Spanish artist Enserune. The album can be ordered from Memento Mori’s store HERE. The full track list is as follows:

1. Other Earth
2. A Mournful Prophecy
3. Vortex of Repulsion
4. Doomed Tears of Humanity
5. Hyperborean Serenades – The Elder Race Mystery
6. Gospel of the Black Sun
7. Temple of the Lost Wisdom
8. Fall of Atlantis
9. A Desperate Praise
10. Incarnation of the Macabre



  1. Those 4:33 are filled with gloomy and wrathful diversity, making a great whole!

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