Aug 182016

Astrophobos-Enthroned in Flesh


Astrophobos are a Swedish black metal trio from Stockholm who released a debut EP in 2010 named Arcane Secrets and an excellent debut album in 2014 bearing the title Remnants of Forgotten Horrors. Now they have a new EP called Enthroned in Flesh that’s due for release on August 26 by Triumvirate Records. In June DECIBEL premiered an advance track named “Blood Libation” that we’ve already praised, and today we’re bringing you a stream of the EP’s title track.

For those who are only now discovering Astrophobos, the ranks of this three-man army consist of Micke Broman (vocals, bass), Martin Andersson (guitars), and Jonas Ehlin (guitars), and the new EP also features a session drummer you may have heard of — Marduk’s Fredrik Widigs.




This new song is a flame-throwing black metal blitzkrieg from the first instant, produced in a way that gives the music clarity without sacrificing power or savagery. Widig’s jaw-dropping drum attack and Broman’s bass provide an adrenaline-surging, spine-shaking drive train for the racing guitars, while Broman’s jagged growls add an extra layer of ferocious intensity.

However, the song is more than a blood-rushing, warlike attack. The music also carries a dramatic melody that may put you in mind of the classic style of Dissection. All these ingredients make the song one that sticks in the head even after the assault has ended.


Enthroned In Flesh was recorded and mixed in Garaget Studio by Erik Nilsson (Aoria, A Swarm of the Sun) and features eye-catching cover art by Scott Buoncristiano. It will be released on August 26 by Triumvirate Records and it’s available for pre-order on vinyl and digitally here:

We’re also including a stream of the previously released track “Blood Libation” below our premiere of “Enthroned In Flesh”.

Astrophobos on the web:




  1. Love their last album and these tracks sound promising.

  2. This song sounds great. I didnt really like the melodies in their last album.

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