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Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder


This harried compiler of new music is especially harried today. I’m in the middle of a quick trip to Denver with not much free time on my hands. But the last 24 hours have brought so many good new songs that I want to throw them your way even at the cost of not getting to spill as many words about them as I would like.

And I’m concluding this collection with a somewhat older song debut that I’ve only just discovered.


As we previously reported within an hour of the announcement, Norway’s Darkthrone will be releasing a new album entitled Arctic Thunder (named for an old Norwegian band of the same name). Based on comments by Fenriz about the album, as well as its cover art, I speculated that we might be on the verge of an enticing return to the sound of the band’s earlier days. Well, now we have more than speculation to go on, because at 11:00 Eastern time here in the U.S., Darkthrone debuted a song from the album — the name of which is “Tundra Leech“.




It appears that the song is one of four on the record written by Fenriz, and the stream is accompanied by commentary from Fenriz. I’ve embedded the track below. While the music is playing in the background at first while Fenriz speaks, you do eventually get to hear the full track.

I won’t try to repeat what Fenriz says, since you’ll hear it for yourselves. I’ll only say that the song is ice-cold, cloaked in darkness, and yes — it’s black metal, beginning in a mid-paced tempo, then rocking and romping, and then finishing with a chugging riff sparked by an electrifying solo. Excellent!

(There’s also more Fenriz commentary at the end.)








Anaal Nathrakh-The Whole of the Law


On October 28, Metal Blade will release a new album by Anaal Nathrakh named The Whole of the Law. Yesterday the label revealed the first advance track from the album, a song called “Depravity Favors the Bold”.

This song is goddamned FEROCIOUS — pitch-black, ravenous, unearthly, overpowering, but also a catchy monstrosity. In my case, it has become an immediate favorite from among the many fantastic tracks among the band’s stellar discography.








Auroch-Mute Books


On October 21, Profound Lore will release the third album by Vancouver’s Auroch, which is named Mute Books. Yesterday DECIBEL premiered a song from the album called “He Wreathes the Cross”, about which the band’s Sebastian Montesi had this to say:

“‘He Wreaths The Cross’ is the second part of the initial movement of Mute Books, titled ‘Trefoil Is The Grail Of Perdition.’ The first three songs comprise this movement, and borrow from each other thematically and musically. It has quickly become Zack’s (drums) favorite song to play live. One listen should indicate why.”

This is one of those exclusive premieres, so you’ll need to go here to listen:

It’s fast, instrumentally intricate, and borderline deranged in its aura — a chaotic, head-spinning piece of black/death mayhem. And yes, the drumming is killer.






Rudra-Enemy of Duality


Singapore’s Rudra have long been favorites at this site, and we were very excited to see that the band’s eighth album, Enemy of Duality, will be released later this year by Transcending Obscurity-Asia. Yesterday the band started streaming a song from the album named “Slay the Demons of Duality”, accompanied by these comments from Rudra’s frontman Kathir:

“The single ‘Slay the demons of Duality’ was inspired by a verse from the Mandukya Karika. The verse in Sanskrit was chanted in the beginning and towards the end of the song. It is about how we are afraid of evil, demons, satan etc., In fact, many belief systems create a duality between good and evil. In this song, we present the very duality to be demons. Upon inquiry, these demons of duality are found to be purely notional”.

Prepare yourself for a jolting, ferocious, high-speed, black metal romp with plenty of eye-popping instrumental fireworks and an exotic guitar solo that surfaces in the midst of the tumult. Man, these guys are good.








Martrod-Transmutation of Wounds


Thanks to an e-mail from our Norwegian friend eiterorm (and several other friends on Facebook), I learned yesterday that later this year the band Martröð will finally be releasing their EP, Transmutation of Wounds — on 12″ MLP via Fallen Empire Records and Terratur Possessions. I first heard about this project almost two years ago (and wrote about it here). The band’s eye-catching line-up reportedly consists of:

MkM – Vocals (Aosoth, Antaeus)
Esoterica – Guitars (Krieg, Chaos Moon)
H.V Lyngdal – Guitars (Wormlust)
Wrest – Additional Guitars, Ambiance (Leviathan)
D.G. – Bass, Additional Vocals (Misþyrming)
Thorns – Drums (Acherontas, Blut Aus Nord)

Yesterday, a song from the EP called “Draumleiðsla” appeared on Bandcamp, and the stream is below. It’s fascinating, even during the paranormal opening section when there’s not a single solitary riff in hearing range. And when the song does eventually erupt, it gives you a vibrant dose of arcane, electrifying energy.







Wolf's Hunger cover art


And now, to conclude this hurried round-up, I have a song that’s been kicking my ass (in the best possible way) over the last week since I first discovered it. It’s by a Serbian band named Wolf’s Hunger from their second album, Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi. The album will be released on September 9 by Symbol of Domination, a sub-label of Satanath Records.

From what I’ve read, Wolf’s Hunger have been around since 2001, with a focus on playing black metal inspired by Serbian history and mythology. This particular album is described as one inspired by World War I, Serbian history, and Slavic heritage.

And here’s the first advance track, the one that’s been kicking my ass (and sending jolts of black thrashing electricity through my nervous system every time I hear it). The song’s name is “Gvozdeni puk (Kult rata)”, and it’s infectious as hell.

UPDATE: I’ve discovered that the band released a video for this song, and I’ve added it below.



  1. New Anaal Nathrakh (fuck yeah!), Darkthrone, Rudra? T_T Thank you Metal God(s)!!!

  2. Just heard rest of the bands too…not a single dud here \m/

  3. Wow, the Martrod is incredible. I clicked play before I read who was in the band, then it all started to make sense.

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