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Theory In Practice


(We present Austin Weber’s interview of the Swedish band Theory In Practice, with news about a new release, among other things.)

Some of you all may recall that legendary Swedish progressive death metal band Theory In Practice became active again last year and put out a – comeback, Evolving Transhumanism, which I covered here at NCS. As an über-Theory In Practice fan/geek, I had planned to follow up that post by interviewing the band about their unexpected return, but that got delayed due to my dumb brain forgetting to make it happen. But finally our brief interview was conducted, and here’s your chance to catch up on all things Theory In Practice related!

*Questions 1-6 were answered by Andreas Lyngmo (vocals) and Question 7 was answered by Peter Lake (Guitar/Bass),, with both joining in the answer to No. 3.


1) What made you all want to resurrect Theory In Practice after over a decade of being inactive and on “hiatus”?

Peter Lake and I (Andreas) talked on the phone about doing something together and he had one song done for another project. But while we where talking he said that he had some Theory In Practice material left from what should have been on the record after 2002’s Colonizing The Sun and asked me if I was interested in recording a few songs as the new vocalist of Theory In Practice. Of course I said yes! I was a fan of Theory In Practice before I knew the guys and as a teenager I was very inspired by their lyrics. I bought Third Eye Function in 1997 and loved it, still do. The song “Astral Eyes” off it is a favorite of mine for sure!


2) Did you all ever plan on eventually reviving Theory In Practice and putting out more music ?

I don’t think this was planned ahead of time at all, not until Peter contacted me in April 2015 asking if I’d like to be involved in some new Theory In Practice music.


Theory if Practice-Evolving Transhumanism


3) If I remember correctly from our private chat about Evolving Transhumanism, you told me that the two songs on it would be the last time material created after Colonizing The Sun, but before the hiatus, would be used moving forward. Is that still correct?

Our guitar-hero Peter Lake has a lot of material, lots of riffs that we can pick or toss, open up and modify to make it work with other riffs, and so on. He has a vault of riffs just waiting to be chosen and to be picked and modified into a new song. So it’s not impossible to dig and find some riffs from the beginning of the year 2000 to use.

*“Its all new riffs, no old riffs have been used… And I think it’s the best Theory In Practice songs ever.” – Peter Lake


4) What can we expect from your upcoming material? Will it be a full-length or an EP?

The upcoming release will be a 5-track EP that includes one bonus track.  Brand new songs that will be musically new both for Theory In Practice and the listeners. It will contain things that have never been done in the history of the band and I’m really happy to be a part of that. I guess people will either love it or hate it. We love it though!


5) Any chance we’ll get new music in 2016, or will we have to wait until next year?

I don’t think I can give you an answer on that one. We’re in the middle of recording the new stuff and we just started to record the vocals. We still have the mixing, mastering, and a lot of adjustments left to do and we don’t hurry this process. We want to release something we’re proud of. Something that will be as good as possible, and so we haven’t set a deadline for the release. It feels great to not work under pressure.


6) What does your band name mean or signify to you all?

To me, personally, it says that this band puts the technical theory in music into practice.

A better name for the band does not exist in my opinion. It’s so spot on!


7) This question is for Theory In Practice guitarist Peter Lake. I know you had played in Mekong Delta for 2 years back in 2006-2008. Given their legendary status, how was that experience of working and playing with them? Did you write any of the songs or get to shape a portion of the music on Lurking Fear which you played on?

In the beginning it was unreal to play with my old idols Mekong Delta. I came up with all the guitar solo work on ‘the 2007 album, Lurking Fear.


8) Anything else you guys want to add before we end this?!

We would like to thank you for this interview and all of you who support us and like what we do! Respect!




  1. Yay, that was funny roller coaster. Can I ride it just once more?

  2. I actually have these guys lined up for a potential Synn Report before the end of the year. Just thought I’d mention that.

    • Fuck yeah dude! It seems a lot of people missed the boat on Theory In Practice as far as the newer generation of Metalheads goes. Best to fill ’em in with one of your Discog. reviews! Such an amazing band who has had a profound influence on so many bands to this day.

  3. Awesome! Colonizing the Sun is an all-time favorite of mine, such a mind-boggling crazy thrill-ride. Unlike many of today’s very competent tech wizards, TIP actually know how to write a song with a beginning, a middle and an end (and a million notes in between). Very excited to hear new material!

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