Sep 012016

Darkrypt-Delirious Excursion


Darkrypt are a death metal quartet from Mumbai, India, whose debut album Delirious Excursion is set for release on October 15 by Transcending Obscurity India. An impressive array of extreme metal luminaries have applied their talents to the album: Rogga Johansson makes a guest vocal appearance (as does Nitin Rajan of Primitiv); Greg Chandler of Esoteric and Lychgate mixed the album; Dan Swanö mastered it at Unisound Studios; the artwork was created by Turkka G. Rantanen, who has also created covers for the likes of Demilich, Adramelech, Demigod, Paganizer, and many others.

But of course the music must stand or fall primarily on the strength of what Darkrypt themselves have accomplished. As a measure of their accomplishments, we present a song from the album named “Dark Crypt“.




As suggested by both the song’s name and the band’s, the music does indeed seem to emanate from a deep and lightless catacombs, where Darkrypt have been communing with the unhallowed spirits of old school death metal. They launch this song with pounding drums, pulsing bass notes, and a queasy riff — and then they spur the music into a gallop, with jolting grooves and skittering guitar work accompanied by full-throated growls, roars, and shrieks.

There’s a change of pace coming after this onslaught. The music turns into a lurching piece of ghoulishness, setting the stage for a solo that spirals up and down like a vengeful wraith before a final burst of grinding riffage and methodically pummeling percussion.

This is red meat for death metal carnivores, and if you like the taste of this song, also check out a second, previously released track called “Chasm of Death” which we’re also including below. To pre-order the album, use the first link below.




  1. Fucking excellent!

  2. Awesome sound, thick crunchy riffs and a great groove 🙂

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