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The bloodlines of metal are deep and varied. They’ve mixed and morphed in countless ways over more than 30 years, but some of the original strains have proved to be timeless — they haven’t lost their appeal, and they summon the primal force of evil, blood-pumping heavy metal in ways that more recent permutations have trouble matching. Vornth carry one of those primal strains in their own blood. Its purity hasn’t been diluted through interbreeding in the passage of time. Yet their music doesn’t sound worn out or too by-the-numbers. Instead, it sounds hot as hell.

Vornth come from Uddevalla, Sweden. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2013, and their second one — Black Pyres — will be released by Iron Tyrant on October 31. Today we’re bringing you the premiere of one of the new songs, “Traveller Of The Dark“.




The old bloodline that courses through the veins of Vornth is a vicious, electrifying brand of ’80s speed metal and thrash, the kind that could also be branded “proto-black metal”. As you’ll discover in listening to “Traveller Of The Dark”, however, they’ve given the music of that venerable cult renewed vibrancy and vitality. The song doesn’t move in an unbroken straight line; it’s a dynamic rush that displays mature songwriting chops in addition to faithfulness to the old flame.

The dopplering guitar sounds at the outset engage the listener’s interest right away, and then it’s off to the races in a pulse-pounding, chaotic charge, with the savagery amplified by vicious, red-eyed, teeth-bared vocals. A cool, pulsing guitar line surfaces, and then the pace slows, making room for sinister spoken-word vocals and a queasy, diseased little melody. More movement and variation still lie ahead as the speed picks up again — hell opens wide with a flaming, reverberating guitar solo followed by a nasty, needling tremolo riff and more variations in tempo.

The press material for Black Pyres refers to Vornth “soundly splitting the difference between frenzied, sulfur-choked hysterics and iron-studded swagger”. I wish I’d written that (if I’d had the talent), because it’s accurate as well as evocative. I think you’ll understand when you listen to this song.


One other song from Black Pyres was released last month — the title track — and I’ve included that one below, in addition to our premiere of “Traveller Of the Dark”. For more release info, check these links:



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