Oct 042016



2014 brought the release of the debut album Resurrection Denied by the Roman brutal death metal band Devangelic. They followed that near the end of last year with an EP named Deprecating the Scriptures. And now the band are moving into a new phase in their architecture of destruction, working toward the release of their second full-length in 2017. To provide a a glimpse of this new edifice of sound looming ahead of us, the band have recorded a promo track called “Abominated Impurity of the Oppressed” that will become available for free download today — and we’re bringing you its premiere in this post.

The word “brutal” understates the impact of this new song. It delivers massive, planet-busting riffs operating at maximum efficiency and with maximum destructive impact, in close coordination with titanic grinding lead guitar work and a supremely militaristic drum attack. The near-atonal quality of the song’s enormous grooves, coupled with the vocalist’s ugly gutturals, give the song a cold and merciless feeling that grows increasingly chilling as the minutes pass. The song begins at a furious pace, but slows briefly to ignite a determined bit of pile-driving before resuming laying waste to everyone within earshot.

There’s a dark and alien quality to the song, as if we’ve been made privy to a recording of a marauding biomechanical strike force from deep space taking apart some innocent world to feed its own hunger for resources. But your imagination may deliver other visions as this thing hammers at your head. Or it’s possible you’ll just bang your head until your vertebra start to come loose — as chilling as it is, the song is a lot of hellish, compulsive fun.



As mentioned earlier, “Abominated Impurity of the Oppressed” will be available through Devangelic’s Bandcamp page for free download via the link below. Free copies will also be available during the band’s upcoming shows of the band and will be also included in every order received through their online shop, www.devangelic.com/store. For their new album, the band will re-record the song with new arrangements.




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