Oct 062016

Simulacro album cover


In June we had the pleasure of premiering one of the fascinating songs from Echi Dall’Abisso (“Echoes From the Abyss”), the stunning new album by the Sardinian trio Simulacro. The album was released on September 26 by Third I Rex, and now we present a striking video for the album’s sixth “echo”.

The sheer physical and emotional power of “Eco VI” needs no explanation, nor any comprehension of the lyrics or its context within the album to feel its impact. Interpreting the mystery of the video and appreciating its beauty can likewise be left to the imagination and senses of the viewer. But for those who desire a deeper understanding, it may help to read this statement by Simulacro’s drummer and backing vocalist Anamnesi about the conceptual approach of the album:




“The album’s atmospheres mainly arise from ideas of introspection, meditation, and self-analysis. We use these ideas to better understand our place in this world, and our own individual spirituality. As a result of this introspection we try to foresee what we become when we let the events, our passions or mere conformism dictate our behaviour; what happens when we don’t strive for control of our actions and thoughts. These are all nefarious visions, that bring no solace. Yet, there’s hope in facing the lethargy afflicting the soul.

“The spiritual quest for truth, so personal, intimate and sacred, becomes one with life. We need to seek it far from light and from external influences so that our senses won’t be overwhelmed by excessive information.”

“Eco VI” can be thought of as a representation of all the  concepts behind Echi Dall’Abisso, reflecting “how ruinous but at the same time liberating self-meditation and in-depth introspection can be, in an almost tangible but needed state of darkness”.


Simulacro band


The music captures the din of existence, the agonies of despair, the frustration of seeking false salvations, and the grim and severe judgments that perhaps must be imposed through introspection in order for something new and honest to rise from the abyss of our passions.

But as I said a few paragraphs ago, you don’t need my interpretation or anyone else’s to feel the electrifying power and fascination of this multifaceted song — from the dark, otherworldly dissonance and aching melancholy of the melodies to the staggering thunder of the rhythm section to the fury of frontman Xul’s absolutely inflamed vocals. Just listen. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


Visual credits: The video was filmed by Alexander De Pisa (Carbomonster), which included five locations on the beautiful Sinis peninsula of Sardinia. Carla Stara played the role of the video’s protagonist. Simulacro’s official photographer Valeria Spiga created the makeup and photos that are part of the album’s artwork, which also includes the work of Italian graphic designer Franscesco Gemelli.

The album includes guest vocal appearances by Thorn (aka Gionata Potenti) (Acherontas, Fides Inversa, Blut Aus Nord, Frostmoon Eclipse) on “Eco VII”and clean backing vocals by Satya Lux Aeterna (Streben, Nahabat).

The album can be ordered here:





  1. It really kills me to say…because I love 95% of this album…that ride cymbal is so loud that it severely hinders my enjoyment. It pretty much destroys my immersion any time it shows up, and I’m left thinking “that’s really annoying. I can’t wait for it to stop.” /sadface 🙁

  2. Awesome, reminds me of Mgla. Too bad I dont understand Italian–love to know what they are saying.

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