Jan 202017


I’ve let two days go by without a further installment of our Most Infectious Song list, because my time is not wholly within my control, but whose is? To make up for lost time, I’m doubling up on the size of today’s edition.

But the goal of catching up isn’t the only explanation. As I pondered which songs to roll out today, these six seemed to step forward and proclaim “We belong together”. When you hear them one after another perhaps you’ll perceive the connections between them as I did, and if you do, perhaps you should seek psychiatric care. (The preceding songs on this list can be seen here.)


The first track today is “Flammen im Vakuum“, and it comes packaged with a very well-produced video by Melanie Werner that I enjoy watching almost as much as I enjoy the song. Continue reading »

Oct 062016

Simulacro album cover


In June we had the pleasure of premiering one of the fascinating songs from Echi Dall’Abisso (“Echoes From the Abyss”), the stunning new album by the Sardinian trio Simulacro. The album was released on September 26 by Third I Rex, and now we present a striking video for the album’s sixth “echo”.

The sheer physical and emotional power of “Eco VI” needs no explanation, nor any comprehension of the lyrics or its context within the album to feel its impact. Interpreting the mystery of the video and appreciating its beauty can likewise be left to the imagination and senses of the viewer. But for those who desire a deeper understanding, it may help to read this statement by Simulacro’s drummer and backing vocalist Anamnesi about the conceptual approach of the album: Continue reading »

Jun 252016

Simulacro album cover


Simulacro are a talented trio based on the Italian island of Sardinia. They released their debut album, Fall of the Last Idol, in 2013 and an EP named SuperEgo this past March. In September, the UK-based label Third I Rex will release the band’s second full-length, bearing the title Echi Dall’Abisso (“Echoes From The Abyss”). The album includes eight “echoes”, denominated by Roman numerals, and today it’s our pleasure to premiere the second one in the sequence, “Eco II“.

While Simulacro’s roots are in black metal, the sound of their creations has been evolving. The conceptual approach of this new album was explained by the band’s drummer and backing vocalist Anamnesi: Continue reading »