Mar 232018


In the late summer of 2016 we had the good fortune to premiere a song and accompanying video for a track from the debut album by the band Ultar from Siberian Russia. That song — “Azathoth” — left such a lasting impression that we also named it to our list of 2016’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. And it wasn’t the only song on that very promising debut album (Kadath) that left positive lasting impressions.

Today we’re happy to report that Ultar are returning with a second album later this year. The working title is Pantheon MMXVIII, and it will be released by the Swedish label Temple of Torturous in both vinyl and digital formats. In addition to that news, we’re presenting a stream of one of the new album tracks, the name of which is “Swarm“. Continue reading »

Jan 202017


I’ve let two days go by without a further installment of our Most Infectious Song list, because my time is not wholly within my control, but whose is? To make up for lost time, I’m doubling up on the size of today’s edition.

But the goal of catching up isn’t the only explanation. As I pondered which songs to roll out today, these six seemed to step forward and proclaim “We belong together”. When you hear them one after another perhaps you’ll perceive the connections between them as I did, and if you do, perhaps you should seek psychiatric care. (The preceding songs on this list can be seen here.)


The first track today is “Flammen im Vakuum“, and it comes packaged with a very well-produced video by Melanie Werner that I enjoy watching almost as much as I enjoy the song. Continue reading »

Aug 242016



It’s so nice when the sights and sounds of a music video come together in a well-crafted partnership, when what you hear and what you see each proves to be engrossing and when, together, they complement each other. That’s the kind of success achieved in the new song and video we’re bringing you from the Siberian band Ultar. The song’s name is “Azathoth” and it appears on the band’s new album Kadath, which will be released on October 21 by Temple of Torturous.

Ultar is a new name for the band, who previously were known as Deafknife. They make their home in the town of Krasnoyarsk, nestled among howling Siberian woods and red mountains. Their album is described in concept as “a journey of a young man to the Kadath -– Lovecraftian divine City of Gods, hidden in the Land of Dreams”, but also as the great lifelong journey that we each make in “search of ourselves and our inner freedom that will light the way”. Continue reading »