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Way back in May we had the pleasure of premiering a mammoth, intoxicating song called “Wander” from the debut album Forlorn by Sweden’s Seedna. The album was released in July and has racked up a long list of reviews extolling its many virtues, but some folks still may not have explored Forlorn, and so today we provide a further inducement as we premiere a video of the band’s live performance of the song “Frozen“.

While “Frozen” is anchored by enormous, hammering grooves that will get your head moving (as the band do their best to crack it open), the atmosphere of the music is also chaotic and hallucinatory, distraught and deranged.




The vocalists straddle the porous line between howling fury and wrenching despair, and while the rhythm sections hits with earth-splitting force, the guitarists lace the music with tension-ratcheting tendrils of eerie, dissonant melody.

When the rampaging pace of the song slows in the middle, the music becomes, if anything, even more queasy and devastating, sending the mind off to wander in a bleak and inhospitable wasteland with phantasms for companions — yet the strange, echoing guitar melodies and rhythmic percussive pulse also prove to be hypnotic in their effect.

This is also not your usual performance video. As you’ll see, it has been filmed and edited in a way that meshes with the song’s hallucinatory aura.


To order Forlorn on CD and in a fan pack with other items, or to download it in digital form, go here:


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  1. I’m digging this.

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