Nov 102016

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(Karina Noctum, who usually brings us interviews from her home in Norway, brings us some welcome news this time — and first reactions to the music.)

I’ve been actively looking for bands to interview or write about lately, and it’s getting difficult to find something that isn’t generic, synthetic, lacking feeling, or flawed somewhere. Lots of bands out there are just trying to fit into some pre-existing mold either musically or image-wise, and it may get tiresome and rather boring to go through them while looking for some jewel, but well, I keep doing it because something really awesome always comes to compensate for everything that’s uninspiring.

So today I got to listen to something really awesome that is going to be released on February 10. It’s Nidingr’s new album! if you are a Mayhem fan, you may know of them. It’s Teloch’s side project. Teloch is one of those guitarists who has developed a unique sound. (I wish he had taken more of his own style to Mayhem’s latest album). Teloch’s style is pretty harmonius, elegant, and absolutely representative of the Norwegian sound. So this is what you should expect to find in Nidingr’s new album.


Photo by Jon Levi Pedersen

The High Heat Licks Against Heaven has been built upon of a pretty solid old school DM and BM skeleton. I think it will be one of the best albums to come from Norway next year, that’s for sure. In addition to all the awesomeness previously mentioned, Nidingr is planning to have Destructhor (Myrkskog, Morbid Angel) to play live with them. He will be on guitars and doing the backing vocals. The album has deep and dark old school DM parts that will fit him pretty well for sure. In the album both harmonic and old school DM styles glide smoothly into each other at times, the result of a brilliant composition and production. Deep and high tones fitting together in a non-intrusive manner. It’s a truly unique and pleasant musical experience.

Even though the guitars are what grab my attention, Nidingr also count with other super-talented musicians: bassist Sir Trelldom (Gorgoroth, God Seed, Gaahls Wyrd), drummer Myrvoll ( ex-Dødheimsgard (live), ex-God Seed (live)) and vocalist Cpt. Estrella Grasa.

This album is a result of years of refinement — no one can miss this one! Pre-order starts on November 21!


1. Hangagud
2. Surtr
3. The Ballad Of Hamther
4. On Dead Body Shore
5. Gleipnir
6. Sol Taker
7. Ash Yggdrasil
8. Heimdalargaldr
9. Valkyries Assemble
10. Naglfar is Loosed

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