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Early next month Dark Essence Records will release Anti-Cosmic Art, the new fourth album by the Norwegian black metal ravagers who call themselves Sarkom. Today we help premiere the second advance track from the album, “Previous associates, now as targets for the gun“.

As you can see, the album is emblazoned with immediately eye-catching cover art, thanks to Spectrvm Lvsitani. In addition, it features guest guitar contributions by Shining’s Peter Huss, Ronni Le Tekrø from TNT and Roquefire, and Trollfest’s Sagstad, as well as guest vocals by Alfahanne’s frontman Pehr Skjoldhammer.

Produced with a clear, powerhouse sound, the album’s energy is explosive. Take this new song, for example.




Previous associates, now as targets for the gun” burns with a bleak, black fire, raging from start to finish. Yet it’s also a dynamic thrill ride, with grim, ravaging riffs that feast upon the ears in a feeding frenzy, but also move to gut-rumbling strummed chords, with a lead guitar melody that shimmers ominously and a seething/searing solo.

The song is propelled by a rapidly pulsing bass, and a drum performance that’s as dynamic as everything else, veering from blast-beat strafing runs to punk-influenced romps to martial beats and rapid-fire hammering. And the vocals shred the skin with scathing shrieks, but also include solemn melodic chants.

The end result is Norwegian black metal that’s both ice-cold and scorching hot. Prepare for a savage adrenaline surge….


Anti-Cosmic Art will be released by Dark Essence Records on December 2. It’s available for pre-order (CD and digital), together with related merch, at these locations:




Here’s the full track list, followed by other useful links, and the new song:

1. Previous associates, now as targets for the gun
2. Mind-abscess
3. Ruiners of our family tree
4. Seen through the eyes of a paedophile priest
5. Come, dear cancer
6. Black metal necrophilia
7. Sodomy and lust (Sodom cover)



  1. Very good song. Love the galloping shift about halfway through. This song reminds me of Svarttjern–a high compliment to the band. Fun band photos (is it legal to have fun in black metal?).

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