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Uništi, Pali, Ruši” are the Croatian words for “destroy, burn, tear it down”. Those words are also the title to a song and video we’re premiering today from an album called I Become Death by the Croatian band HerezA. This is HerezA’s second album, which follows their 2015 debut full-length, Misanthrope. The new one will be released in mid-February by the Polish extreme metal label Godz ov War Productions.

Although I’m spoiling a jolting surprise, I have to applaud the moment in the first few seconds of the video that syncs the first sound of the song with an image of artillery going off. And the sonic bombardment of the song doesn’t relent from that moment to the end.


Photo by Oliver Čeh Kenny


What follows in the video is a montage of human violence on both small scales and large ones, interspersed with scenes of the band performing. Like the video, the music also has a destructive quality, delivering a death/punk barrage that pairs the thick, gut-busting tone of HM-2-powered riffs with d-beat rhythms and raw vitriol in the vocal department. It punches damned hard, damned fast, and then mixes in a neck-breaking groove that’s pure headbang fuel.


I Become Death features eye-catching cover art by Maciej Kamuda. The full track list is here:

1. Tombcrawler
2. Neplodna Jama
3. Homo Homini Lupus Est
4. Uništi Pali Ruši
5. I Become Death
6. In the Name of God
7. Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna
8. Full Moon Slaughter
9. Pošast
10. Torn From The Deat’s Bed

For further info about the release and the band, explore the following links. And after you check out the video we’re premiering, you can see and hear a second one for the song “Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna” from the same new album.

Godz Ov War Productions:





  1. L.S.,

    Foremost, I’d like to say that I come to this site for new music every day. Therefore Id like to extend my gratitude to the people at nocleansinging for doing what they do.

    Sometimes, however, I wonder if the purpose of this site is to only introduce music and nothing more. I do not recall (ever) seeing a critical comment being made towards bands/music–save perhaps in the reviews; but even they fall into the ‘positive’ category. With all due respect to Hereza –my remark is not necessarily about them– but Hereza is rather standard and not very interesting/innovative/challenging. (Admittedly, this is my opinion, based on having listened to ‘extreme’ metal for twenty years or so.)

    If the purpose of nocleansinging is solely to keep people abreast of (coming) releases (or those people may have missed) that contributors to the site like personally, then forget my remark: the site does a wonderful job. No-one wants to wade through too much musical schlock. It is just that I miss a critical note once in a while. From a (perhaps) rather cynical perspective, one could argue that nocleansinging presents metal is if every album is great as the readers are screened from less-than-great releases by the site. With such screening, however, the reader loses her/his ability to decide for themselves, to some extent. Again, this would be a rather one-sided interpretation of nocleansinging, applied for the sake of argument, let’s say.

    • I came across this comment by sheer coincidence, and days have past and blog life has moved on, but in case you come back, or someone else should happen to drop in on this exact sub-site of NCS, I’m going to comment on it.

      I’ve written a few guest pieces for the site, but I’m not “a part” of it as such.
      One of my early thoughts after discovering NCS some years ago was “you can’t seriously love everything”, but as it turns out, yes there is a concept behind it.

      Allow me to digress. I started out by reviewing all music that came my way. Positive and negative aspects where elaborated and releases rated as approved or disapproved. Fast forward to today. I receive enough promos to bypass what I don’t like. Surely I’d rather listen to the stuff I believe I’ll come to enjoy. Thus, many approvals or middling ratings with a positive undertone.

      Islander probably reached this stage long before I did. Under NCS’ About-section, you’ll find “…we only write about music we like and want to recommend. If we don’t like something we just ignore it. If you’re looking for negative reviews, you’ll need to go elsewhere…”. That should explain why you don’t find much negativity around here, something that thankfully seems to have spread to the comment section 🙂

      On the universal enigma of how one man can be SO god damn enthusiastic about everything….
      I’m guessing his wife must either cook like a master chef all day long, or satisfy the man in other ways in order to keep his karma on the level of Buddha 😛

  2. Good grief that artwork rules, I have to keep coming back and looking at it 🙂

  3. Nothing new here but godfuckindamnit does it kick ass!

  4. Thanks for the explanation. As I said, it was simply something that struck me. Having said that, one of the strengths of this site is the fact that I dont have to waste much time picking what I want to hear—seems that nocleansinging’s tastes largely correspond with mine.

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