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Today is the release date for Incantations Inciting Demise, the debut EP by an anonymous black metal collaborative who have adopted the name Thy Sepulchral Moon. Encompassing five aural “spells”, it’s being released by Signal Rex on black cassette, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. We give you the opportunity to become ensorceled by them through our premiere of a complete stream of the EP.

I should warn you that these aren’t the kind of spells you might first imagine. They aren’t hypnotic or entrancing in any conventional sense. But for those interested in entering an adrenaline-charged fugue state brought on by unrelenting chaos and bestial violence, they do have their charms.




No song on the EP reaches three minutes, and three of them don’t reach the two-minute mark. They have their way with you very quickly. There’s only one place where you can catch a gasping breath — when you reach the fourth track “Murk“. Even then, the terrorizing effect of the music doesn’t diminish.

The sounds of wailing, moaning, shrieking, and monstrous roaring provide a fitting prelude when the EP begins, and then you run the gauntlet. The first three tracks and the last one are dense cyclones of obsidian shards, granite fragments, scalpels, and deranged demonic voices. Less metaphorically, the music is a slashing, hammering frenzy of gruesomely distorted riffs and blunt-force bass and drum trauma.

There’s a lot of bestial ripping and tearing in the songs, but also filaments of pestilential guitar torture segmented by skull-cleaving rhythmic hammer blows. A skittering, boiling solo can be discerned through the violent storm of the closing track. And the vocals are simply berserk: Imagine a banshee that has somehow been captured, caged, doused with acid, and then set on fire.

That fourth track “Murk” is the one digression in this otherwise non-stop orgy of ugly ferocity. It’s a heavy, mid-paced lurch, with vocals that are less shrieking and more resemble awful retching sounds and foul ravings. But don’t worry — the song still swirls with visions of the apocalypse, just as much as the other examples of more unfettered destruction on the EP.


Whether you will run toward this music with open arms or flee from it like rabbits in the path of a rabid wolf pack, I can’t say. Only one way for you to find out….

Listen below, and to order the EP from Signal Rex, go here (act fast, not many copies remain):

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