Dec 122016



(TheMadIsraeli brings us this premiere of a song from the new album by NYN.)

In the interest of full disclosure, the man behind the NYN project (Noyan) is both a fellow blogger (he’s a heavy hitter over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy) and a very good friend — but he’s also an insanely talented death metal maestro. Under the NYN alias he’s put out two albums so far. I keep meaning to write a feature on him and maybe I will sometime soon, but today I’m bringing you a song titled “Embrace Entropy” from NYN’s next album. The album itself is called Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt.

Both the song and the new album feature two notable collaborators, one being lead guitarist Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger, who was also a lead guitarist on Obscura’s latest album Akróasis, as well as the man behind Fountainhead, and Jimmy Pitts of Eternity’s End and Pitts Minnemann Project on keyboards.




NYN in general is a rather avant-garde, Middle Eastern-influenced progressive technical death metal project. And while yes, I’m plugging a friend here, I believe this is music you will definitely find worth hearing. I wouldn’t plug this music unless I thought it was great, and it is for sure.

I hope you guys enjoy this song. It’s a real trip, with plenty of technical flurries and alien, distorted riffs. But describing the NYN sound is always pretty hard, and especially so for this song. Just listen….



  1. Idiosyncratic and ripping. Could you ask for more?

  2. This is fantastic. A big leap forward for NYN, which I admit I’ve struggled to get into in the past. This one hits me just right, though.

  3. Colour me blown away. This is incredible, the guitar-work is awesome but the singing! That scream is insane.

  4. Absolutely crushing! Phenomenal work !

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