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(We present Part 2 of our friend Vonlughlio’s 2016 year-end list. This segment is devoted to favorite brutal death metal albums, and tomorrow’s third part will delve into other genres.)

To begin, I would like to thank Islander for being able to share with all of you readers the music I love. Also to the contributors of NCS — thanks to them, I have discovered great bands.

As some of you might know, one of my favorite genres is Brutal Death Metal, and when I began  making my year-end Top 50 list I felt that some bands in this and other genres were left out (there are always some regardless). And so I decided to make two year-end album lists, one that will be only for BDM releases, and the other containing bands from other genres, such as Death, Black, and Technical/Death.

So here are my Favorite Brutal Death Metal Albums of 2016:


  1. Devouring Humanity – Devouring Humanity

One word to describe this album is chaotic. Each song is its own chaotic entity, and you can feel the hate in each of them. Anguish, despair in a BDM way. Enjoyed it very much and hope for this project to continue creating this type of music.





  1. Drain Of Impurity – The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus System

The new album from this solo project of Batu (Cenotaph) is a step up from the last album (which made it in my 2015 favorite albums) and I hope he continues with this project in the future.





  1. Anomalistic – Human Decimation

Luck comes in mind, since I found out about them through a friend tagging me on FB. Was not aware of this Brasilian band at all. Solid album that is very addictive and with tight guitar work. A highlight for me are the vocals.





  1. Atrocious Abnormality

Another band that waited 9 years to record new music, and I have to say that it was worth it. This album has solid guitar and drum performances from start to finish. The vocals are on point within each of the tracks.





  1. Cystic Dysentery – Homicidal Suicide

This band with their sophomore release won me as fan. I liked their first album, though with this new one they stepped it up and delivered a performance that showcases what they can do.





  1. Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy

After 8 years we finally got this Italian band’s second album. It’s very different from their debut, but a damn good album nonetheless. These guys are very determined and focused with their craft.





  1. Anorgasm – Mass Murder of Intercourse

This band released an album that has solid songwriting, combining blast with catchy parts in the most tasteful of ways. All the musicians do an excellent job and you can hear clearly each of the instruments along with the vocals.





  1. Dead Fetus Infection – Sadistic Necro Chamber

A goregrind band from Brasil that in their debut mix death/groove elements very well, with a production that enhances the songs even more. Anxious to see what they do next.





  1. Derange – Stuck by a Murderous Siege

This band has been around for more than 20 years releasing killer BDM, and this new one is no exception. Love the raw production and how the songs are structured. It has become one of my favorite of all their releases.





  1. Cercenatory – Swallowed by the Apocalypse

Another band from Colombia that just knows how to create killer BDM. This album is addictive, with solid songwriting and structures — overall one of the finest.





  1. Decomposition of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis

Another band that took me by surprise since I found out about them this year by looking at the Bandcamp page of their label, Pathologically Explicit Recordings. Amazing vocals and riffs, and overall a standout record for me.





  1. Precognitive Holocaust Annotations – Procreation of the Artificial Divinity

Thanks to their guitar player Hannes (Indecent Excision), I got their 2013 promo and was impressed. So once their debut was released, I got it, too, and I must say that all the musicians do a great work, specially the bassist.





  1. Face of Oblivion – Cataclysmic Desolation

When Papa Incin (Incinerate’s frontman) was announced as the new vocalist, I was stoked to hear new music. This album is awesome musically, and to hear Mr. Incin with a somewhat different approach on the vocals makes it a whole lot better.





  1. Xenomorphic Contamination – Colonized from the Inside

Loved their EP and was looking forward to this release — it did not disappoint. The machine does an amazing job in the drum department, and of course Max does rather well himself (vocals, guitar).





  1. Korpse – Unethical

I have to admit that I didn’t know about this band until my friend Ryan shared the pre-order link for the album. I was intrigued, to say the least, and decided to check them out. Glad I did because it’s great from start to finish, with tight drumming, riffs, and vocals.





  1. Stigmatuary – Decimation of Psyche

Another killer Indonesian band that surprised me with this release. I honestly didn’t expect to like this album as much as I have. Great riffs, vocals, bass, and precise drumming.





  1. Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxu

Yes, that’s the name of the band, and we shall stick with the abbreviated version “Eximperitus” and leave out the album name, ’cause it’s way longer. I only know that Eximperitus are from Belarus and that they are great musicians .





  1. Gorged Bile – Origin of Contempt

Their 2015 debut album made it to my lis that yeart. So when the release of this album was announced I was stoked to say the least. I love the production and structure of this even one more.





  1. Intricated – The Vortex of Fatal Depravity

Another Thailand BDM band that has won me over. Their debut is full of great performances from all the musicians. This band has great potential and I wish all the best to them.





  1. Injury Deepen   – Anthropophagus Realm

One of my favorite Indonesian bands released their sophomore album, and it’s just pure cannibalistic BDM. Riffs to die for, with spectacular vocals and drumming.





  1. Wormed – Kringsu

Wormed is a band that has had a special place in my heart ever since their 2003 debut album Planisphaerium and they continue to create music I enjoy. Their latest is no exception.





  1. Virulency – The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retrinution

I was very fortunate to do a small write-up about this album here on NCS. These are great musicians who delivered a unique release with both vocals and a fretless bass that are very memorable in sound and execution.





  1. Syphilic – The Intricated States of America

Mr. Brian has been doing this project since 2007 and he is an unstoppable force in creating music. With each release, he gets better. For me, this is my favorite of them all.





  1. Neurogenic – Ouroboric Stagnation

Another debut album from a band that gives us high-speed songs, with everlasting blast beats by Thy Lord Marco.   The bass and riffs are great, and the vocals — hot damn!! Precision at its finest.





  1. Brutus – Murwgebeukt

In 2003 they released the BDM masterpiece Slachtbeest and have now finally released their long-awaited sophomore album. The blast beats are relentless and addictive. No, it does not surpass the first album, but it’s still one of my favorites of this year.





  1. Decapitated Hatred – Birth of Abomination

The debut album from an Indonesian band that crushes from start to finish, with compositions that combine blasts with some groove here and there. Overall, a record that stands out and is very well done.





  1. Laryngectomized – Chaotic Autopsy

From the masterminds who brought you the lovely Putrefuck comes this goregrind project. Raw and nasty, just the way it should be.





  1. Infecting the Swarm – Abyss

A one-man project that with each release gets better and better. Johannes is a very talented musician overall, with great vocals that fit perfectly with the music he’s creating.





  1. Pulmonary Fibrosis – Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

This is a goregrind band that wasn’t familiar to me, and I found them by looking in Bandcamp. Well, I’m glad I did, ’cause this album is simply one of the best in its genre. I look forward to new stuff from them.





  1. Infectology – Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment

This is the second album by a band from Ecuador, and the structures of the songs are far better than on their debut album (which I liked). One aspect that I enjoyed a lot is its raw production.





  1. Paediatrician – Pregnant Pathology

A goregrind release that I found thanks to Sick Reviews. This is a record full of powerful blast beats and vocals that are over the top (in a good way, of course).





  1. Ecchymosis – Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay

This band delivers Brutal Death Metal with slam parts and can get away with it. Very well-structured songs, fantastic drumming, great riffs and vocals that are insane.





  1. Corporal Raid – Manipulating the Host

One amazing band to make a comeback after 11 years with this album, which just gives us 27 minutes of killer riffs and intense drumming.





  1. Omnipotent Hysteria – Abattoir of Slain Deities

This band released their debut album last year, and it proves that they have a great future up ahead — can’t wait to see what they do next. Talented musicians who simply create great BDM.





  1. Mental Apraxia – Against Human Manipulation

This is a great Colombian band that released new music after 10 years. The music is a great combination of weird riffs (not common for the genre) with addictive blast beasts, and it makes me anxious for more music. Please don’t wait that long again to release new music.





  1. Baalsebub – The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition

I’ve been following this band for a bit, and they sure delivered one of the best releases of this year. I honestly lost count of how many times I’ve listen to this gem. I hope they continue to release great music like this in the future,





  1. Abnormal Inhumane – Consuming the Infinity

This Greek band with their sophomore release took me by surprise. I knew by the one song I heard from this album that I would like the whole thing. Well, my expectations were exceeded, to say the least, and here we are. Outstanding work .





  1. Dissevered – Agonized Wails of Disseverement

This band from Laos won me over with their debut album; it’s simply fantastic. The song structures combined with the raw production make them one of the best out there, and I hope all the best for this band and what they can bring to this genre.





  1. Internal Suffering – Cyclonic Void of Power

For 10 years fans have waited for new music from this amazing Colombian band. It’s like they never went away, bringing the same energy and with a release that crushes from start to finish. Viva Internal Suffering Hijueputa!!!!!





  1. Inherit Disease – Ephemeral

This is a band I was fortunate to see live at Chicago’s Domination Fest last year and remains one of my all-time favorites. The album just blew me away from the first listen and became my BDM best of the year.



  1. Some very forgettable releases on here and a fucked up top 10 with better releases being ranked below. Some bias for Mr.Osbornes cock is why I think you have him as #1

  2. This is a list full of stuff I’ve never heard of (and a few I already knew) so I’m excited to get to work here.

    No Unfathomable Ruination though? That album is incredible!

    • Hope you like what you haven’t heard. Unfathomable Ruination, will be in my other list. The reason for it is that I consider it more technical with BDM and Death elements as a whole

  3. A monster of a list, I’ll be sampling from this one for a while 🙂

  4. Wondering what you thought about Vulvodynia, or if thats making a spot on another (possibly more technical) list.
    I don’t go for too much BDM, but I loved Wormed and Unfathomable Ruination. Defeated Sanity too, although I was only into the brutal half of their album this year.

    Its also just incredible to me that enough BDM comes out every year that you can make a top 40. Amazing!
    I hope to hear another Abysmal Torment or another Cenotaph (Turkish BDM)

  5. Awesome! Happy to see DERANGED finally made one of these lists. Its been a personal favorite. And I was glad to have caught them at MDF. I’ve seen some bad reviews online, but I don’t get it. It’s easily as good or better than Rated-X. I admit the artwork is cheesy, but its supposed to have a 1970s ‘son of sam’ sort of vibe. Great list Vonlughlio.

    • Thank you. The band needs more recognition in my honest opinion. It’s a great album and awesome you could see them live

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