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We’ve learned that any band in which the Norwegian artist Doedsadmiral is involved will be worth checking out. Those bands include Nordjevel, Svartelder, and Doedsvangr, and now there’s one more to add to the list. Under his guise as V.I.T.H.R, he fronts a new group called Enepsigos, in which he is joined by Straff (ex-Sarkom) on guitars and bass and Italian drummer Thorns, who has worked with Blut Aus Nord, Deathrow, Fides Inversa, Frostmoon Eclipse, and Darvaza (among others).

The debut album of Enepsigos is named Plague Ov Plagues, and it’s set for release on January 15 by Drakkar Productions. Last fall we wrote about an advance song from the album named “Manifestum”, and now it’s our pleasure to share with you a video for another song called “Pagan Rites“, created by Hugo Aribart.



“Manifestum” was marked by a blazing drum performance, abrasively ugly and bestial vocals, and riffing that resembled a high-speed lashing with barbed wire. It was a pure burst of adrenaline that at the same time was blood-freezing in its grimness and unsettling in its occult, alien aura.

“Pagan Rites” exhibits a similar array of magnetic qualities, and yet if anything is even more infernally fascinating. The hard-driving drumwork is again the kind of performance that may leave your mouth hanging open in amazement, while the deep, potent riffing thrums with arcane force, in a tone that generates a strange kind of warmth. As the music ebbs and flows through changes in pacing and rhythm, it conveys a sense of wild and enigmatic chaos while also spearing the skull with entrancing melodic hooks.

The song is something of a conundrum. In part because of the continuing ruthlessness and barbarity of the vocals, it’s as ominous as a fast-approaching wolf pack, and yet it’s vibrant and alluring — and strangely mesmerizing and addictive. If this is the music of ritual, it is an orgiastic ceremony — in which we invite you to participate with open arms.



Plague Ov Plagues was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded by engineer Christer Krohg at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg, Norway, with drums recorded at the Beastcave Studios in Italy. The album’s eye-catching artwork was created by Vincent Fouquet and Above Chaos. Here’s the track list:

1. Plague Of Plagues
2. Råtne Engler
3. Pagan Rites
4. The Cold Bones
5. Manifestvm
6. Massedrapssalmer
7. Ghoul
8. Askenatt

Enepsigos on Facebook:

Drakkar Productions:



  1. Very nice indeed,I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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