Jan 252017


(TheMadIsraeli prepared this brief review of the new EP by Polarity of Life from Croatia.)

At least in terms of its global profile, Croatia seems to be a very underrepresented part of Europe, given the quality metal that its bands are always producing. Lots of the best aspects of Polish, Finnish, and German metal are fed into a blender, and the result is often killer, as well as something that seems uniquely Croatian.

Polarity Of Life are a Croatian melodic death metal band, of a more deathly, old school sort. The proper majestic, epic, sweeping melodies are present, but they exist amidst a torrid storm of heavyweight haymaker riffing with German weight and Polish military march. Insomnium meets Vader meets Heaven Shall Burn is definitely a fair assessment as references. Beginning/End/Beginning is an impressive sophomore release, and I’m eager to hear more.



The thing that really sticks out about Polarity Of Life is how precise and deliberate their riffing is. It’s super-disciplined, hooky, and obviously thought out to every single rhythmic, melodic, and harmonized nth degree. This creates an EP that is confident, powerful, and memorable, and overall should definitely be listened to, if nothing else to key into these guys and keep track of them for later on.

Definitely a strong release, and a testament to Croatia’s growing and evolving high-quality metal scene.



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