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A few days ago we announced the names of the first 15 bands confirmed to appear at the first annual NorthWest Terror Fest that we’re co-sponsoring in Seattle on June 15-17, 2017, and now we’re bringing you news about another festival that’s coming up even faster — the first edition of Austin Terror Fest, which will take place deep in the heart of Texas on March 16-19.

As with Northwest Terror Fest, we’re helping to present the first edition of Austin Terror Fest with Invisible Oranges and the folks behind Southwest Terror Fest. For this first installment of what will also become a continuing festival series, The Lost Well and Worshiper Cabinets are also backing the event. Here’s the (nearly) full line-up of the more than 40 bands who will perform at Austin Terror Fest 2017:




2:00 – Glassing
3:00 – Communion
4:00 – Great Electric Quest
5:00 – King Buffalo
6:00 – Demon Lung

8:00 – BLK OPS
9:00 – Crankbait
10:00 – Aseethe
11:00 – North
12:00 – Pinkish Black


2:00 – Illustrations
3:00 – Recluse
4:00 – Cleric
5:00 – Koza
6:00 – Weak Flesh

8:00 – Deadbeat
9:00 – Call Of The Void
10:00 – Genocide Pact
11:00 – Sex Prisoner
12:00 – PLF


2:00 – Thunderkief
3:00 – Mountain Of Smoke
4:00 – Tyrannosorceress
5:00 – The Ditch And The Delta
6:00 – Rozamov

8:00 – Barghest
9:00 – Fister
10:00 – Dead To A Dying World
11:00 – Young And In The Way
12:00 – -(16)-
1:00 – Thou


2:00 – TBA
3:00 – Ecstatic Vision
4:00 – Amigo The Devil
5:00 – Nate Hall
6:00 – Tight Fright

8:00 – Unstoppable Death Machines
9:00 – ASS
10:00 – Widower
11:00 – Tolar
12:00 – Iron Reagan

This is a hell of a strong line-up that spans a broad range of metal genres, and it promises to be a great three days in one of the best cities in the country to listen to live music (and to eat and drink).

All shows will take place at The Lost Well in Austin, Texas. Tickets are on sale now at this location (both full-festival passes and single-day passes):


Doors will open at 1pm every day, and the shows from 2pm to 6pm are free. You must buy a ticket to remain in the building for the night shows. All tickets are for ages 21 and up, and all sales are non-refundable.

For further announcements, follow the festival’s event page on Facebook:


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